SWARM ERROR: Failed to Determine Engine Directory

Migrating to 4.19.x my light builds are taking a good while, longer than they have been in earlier revisions. Looking in the log There are three files which cannot be found "aqProf.dll, vtuneApi.dll and vtuneApi32e.dll. Prior to those statements the log informs “Failed to determine engine directory.” I have to conclude the failue to find the files is because SWARM just doesn’t know where to look for them. Oddly enough when I search my drive these files do not come up. What does come up are .cpp files with no semblance of the search name I typed.

I suspect that SWARMS inability to find its Engine directory (which is there) is the reason for the slowness. Can anyone tell me or point me to a link resulting in the resolution of this issue?

What I’ve tried:
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 4.19.x and also verified the engine build without success.

Any help would be appreciated.

Has no one a resolution to this? I’ve googled the crap out of it and, as unlikely as it seems this is an unsolvable issue that no one wants to deal with.
It’s not that I can’t run a light build its just that its taking forever to complete even on the smallest projects. The issue is in the engine which has been removed and reloaded and verified several times.
Is there a file somewhere that I can edit to fix the path?
How have others fixed this problem?