Swarm doesnt using agents for building light

Hello community,

I set up my render farm of 6 computers and used to build light alot of times already. All works fine since one day they stop building the light. They are available in swarm cordinator also i see them in swarm agent and there is no errors in swarm log (both on host and agent machines) but they instatly go in grey which means they are ready with their tasks.The other strange thing is that every time i build a light random agents are picked up and render but they are not same every time.

Can you share a screenshot of settings menu of the lighting start machine and a screen for logs screen of each machine?

I would love to have more info on this as well. I had it working all the time and suddently, the additional computer only contributed in the first phases until “processing mappings”. That was then done by only my machine and took waaaay longer than before. Last time, both computers were processing the mappings resulting in a roughly 50% speedup.