Swarm distribution on 4.5 not connecting to other agents

Hello all,

We’ve been trying to string artist machines together to make out own little render farm on 4.5.

Here’s our settings for my own machine (which also serves as the coordinator) and the remote machines:

When we kick off a build, the local machine will build just fine, but the log spits out this message:

11:13:53 AM: LogGenericPlatformMisc:Warning: Failed to determine engine directory: Defaulting to …/…/…/Engine/
11:13:53 AM: Failed to determine engine directory: Defaulting to …/…/…/Engine/

I did some research on this, and it seems Lightmass used to have an issue where a database file was missing. See that thread here: Cluster problem with swarm agent and two pc - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums

Do we need to continue taking the patch route, or is there a way to get this to work natively on 4.5?


Our issue was solved by disabling the Windows firewall and copying the UnrealLightmass.pdb file from the above thread to the proper folder. Strange!