Swarm Agent

Hello guys!

I have problem in building materials and light the scene.

The editor notifies me this failure swarm!


16:37:26: Starting up SwarmAgent …
16:37:26: … registering SwarmAgent
with remoting service 16:37:26: …
registering SwarmAgent network
channels 16:37:26: … initializing
SwarmAgent 16:37:26: …
certificate check has failed 16:37:26:
… initializing cache 16:37:26:
… using cache folder
16:37:26: … recreating
SwarmAgent cache staging area
16:37:26: … initializing
connection to SwarmCoordinator
16:37:26: … using
SwarmCoordinator on RENDER-01
16:37:28: … SwarmCoordinator
failed to be initialized 16:37:28:
… initializing local performance
monitoring subsystem 16:37:28: …
initialization successful, SwarmAgent
now running 16:37:28:
[Interface:TryOpenConnection] Local
connection established 16:37:28: [Job]
Accepted Job
16:37:29: [Interface:CacheAllFiles]
Failed to cache the executable:
16:37:29: [Job] AddTask: Rejected,
cannot add a task to a running job
16:37:29: [CloseConnection] Closing
connection 2C9D30FE using handle
2C9D30FE 16:37:29: [CloseConnection]
Connection confirmed for disconnection
2C9D30FE 16:37:29: [CloseConnection]
Closing orphaned Job
16:37:29: [CloseConnection] Connection
disconnected 2C9D30FE 16:37:29:
[GetMessage] Safely returning to
2C9D30FE with no message 16:37:29:
[MaintainConnections] Local connection
has closed (2C9D30FE) 16:37:29:
[MaintainConnections] Removed
connection 2C9D30FE 16:37:29:
[MaintainConnections] All connections
have closed

Are you running two editor versions at once? It looks like Swarm Agent has difficulties aligning with 4.11’s.

In the meanwhile this page may have a few clues to help out