Swarm agent not starting

I have got a problem with my project, when I try to build static lighting the swarm agent doesn’t show up and nothing is built.

The engine just says: Build status - Cleaning 100%
then the window disappears and nothing happen.

Swarm agent is allowed by my firewall, use static lighting is allowed in render settings, materials are set for static lighting.

I can’t figure where the problem is

Thank you

I built lighting on another project and it works, so the problem is in the settings of my actual project

Maybe distance field AO disable static lighting?

I’ve just had this problem and found that cause was in the world settings of my main (persistent) level.

I’ve used some assets that came with premade level where “Force No Precomputed Lightning” was ticked in World Settings.
As it only had some Landscape and basic lightning I totally missed this setting and was concentrated on my actual sublevels and their content.

So for anyone having this problem - try to build lightning on all used levels one by one while the rest are turned off.
Or just check if “Force No Precomputed Lightning” is ticked for any level you have.


Thanks a lot man! broke my head over this for a couple of days and even made a seperate forum post about this, completely looked over it. now my swarm agent starts properly

100% was my problem! Great catch! Thank you, nothi BFF else was working!