Swarm agent is too slow

Hello everyone, I’m trying to build the ilumination on my scene but swarm agent get stuck at 98% while processing maps and I read that the lightmap density would be an issue, but the thing here is, all my mesh is red, I had to use a lightmap of 24 on my walls on this small scene to make it get yellow on the lightmap density(image) and the scene is very, very small.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong on my scene?

I worked on other UE4 projects but I never had this issue before.

Window -> Statistics -> Lighting Build Info.

This will let you sort by “Lighting Time” to see exactly which meshes are slow. It cannot parallelize single meshes so those with large lightmaps end up taking a while on single threads. Rather than randomly lowering all lightmap res, start by only targeting those that actually take a long time to build.

Thanks RyamB, I did that, but I don’t think that this issue is related to this map, the biggest map I have is 2048, and I made other projects with 4096 maps, those other projects where baked very well, this is the time log:

18:08:06: Lighting 23.5%
18:09:50: Lighting 30.8%
18:29:34: Lighting 41.0%
19:06:24: Lighting 55.7%
19:10:22: Lighting 60.0%
19:21:42: Lighting 70.2%
19:35:11: Lighting 82.4%
19:55:04: Lighting 94.1%

now is 00:00 and there is only one thread stuck on processing maps, is this a bug of some sort?

I really don’t know what is going on, it render after 10 hours but the results I can’t really explain, it looks like that it rendered on the UV channel 0 or something like that but I have made all the UVs for the lightmaps created, I will post the images, this never happened to me.

The scene after the baking process.


The lightmap UV showing on unreal:

The lightmap made on other software: