Swarm Agent get assigned to light light build host but still available

We’re having an issue with light builds distribution and can’t quite figure out its cause.

We have 5 swarm agents, all of them recognized by the coordinator and available to be used, yet when we kick a light build, only 2 of them are used. We thought it could be that the others weren’t required but when we unplugged the 2 that are always used, none of the other 3 are ever assigned to a light build.
They are always displayed as is currently Available, Assigned to LightBuildPC whereas the 2 that are always used display is currently Working for LightBuildPC, Assigned to LightBuildPC.

Some more details:

  • We tripled checked Swarm agent settings in all of them and they are the same.
  • The folder where Swarm has been installed is also the same.
  • None of them have UE4 installed.
  • They all have Windows 7 Professional.
  • There are 2 log text files attached, Before light build and During light build.

The only thing we can think of is that it may be something to do with Windows settings but no idea what.

Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Hi Tomas RR -

Are you using a Windows HomeGroup to connect your PCs? In other words are you able to use one computer to look into the contents of another computer via the Windows Explorer. If so, try turning the Home Group off and see if your Swarm Builds work as expected.

Thank You and let us know -

Eric Ketchum

We don’t use Home Group, we use Work Network and we cannot access any folders or files in those PCs unless we deliberately shared them.

We managed to get one of them working though. The problem with this one was that Windows Firewall was blocking it. That said, we checked the Firewall settings for the other 2 unused PCs and although they’re correct, they still don’t get assigned to a light build.

Any other ideas? We’ll keep looking in the meantime.

Oh and apologies for the terrible question title… :frowning:

Hi TomasRR -

Have you checked to insure that all the computers have unrestricted access to port 8008 (this is the port that Swarm Agents and Coordinator use to communicate)?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Yes, we did and they do.

We eventually figured out what the problems were, 3 to be specific and all related to the firewall settings:

  • SwarmAgent’s path in the firewall was for some reason pointing to the wrong location.
  • SwarmAgent was for some reason set to be blocked.
  • ICMPv4 was disable so couldn’t receive orders from the build PC to join a light build session.

Thanks for all your help!