Swarm Agent [Error]

Hi, I have a problem with Swarm Agent when building light in Unreal Engine 4 4.27.1.

When I go to build light only I get a window popping up mentioning that the build status - Starting up Swarm Connection…(100%) and then the build process is complete but the whole scene and engine freezes. When looking over the swarm agent I get these errors
Local agent failed to initialize with an IPC channel! Falling back to TCP…
Local agent failed to initialize with a TCP channel! Fatal error.

I have:

  • Made sure that this is the only Swarm Agent
  • Cleared and Validated the cache
  • Cleared the map inside so nothing is there
  • The program demanded .Net 3.5 but I have had Visual Studio Installer 2019 with 4.6 and above installed with the correct choices for developing.
  • Tested StandAloneMode etc

I have absolutely no clew how to fix this problem. Any help would be marvelous.

Kind Regards.