Swapping Clothing and Armor on Character

Hello everyone,

I have been self teaching myself low poly modeling for a few months now. I’m at the point
where I can make a good low poly models of humans, animals, and etc. I would like to eventually make a game which the player can equip different armors. I made a basic low
poly dummy humanoid in blender and some dummy armor meshes to try and see how to make things work. I imported the dummy armor meshes and placed them on my character; however, I’m getting a lot of cross over where the humanoid model juts out of the armor. “Dressing” the characters with the armor mesh does not seem like a practical solution. I would upload an image but my PrScrn isn’t working.

Should the humanoid mesh be split into body groups like torso, hands, greaves, etc, and when the player chooses to equip a new armor piece, chest armor, should that chest armor mesh be swapped out with
the default model’s chest? If not, are there any tools or other techniques I can use to solve this?