Survival Building System (à la The Forest)

Testing the waters for an asset idea, essentially a basebuilding system similar to The Forest, where you create an outline in the world of the base that you want to build, and then you place the pieces of the base one at a time to create walls, doorways, roofs, etc. As an example, a log cabin with four walls and a roof would have five outliner pieces, each of which require a set number of logs that you have to place one by one to form the sections with. Would include things like edge and corner snapping, optional grid placement, collisions updates and visual effects, as well as cut-able tree actors with cutting visuals and falling physics.


Yes, assuming its done right.
The issue i have with the ones currently on the market is that they place everything as an actor. Fine and dandy, works well, but, it destroys FPS in multiplayer. Obviously, I am working on a multiplayer project, so my needs may not equal the greater good lol.

If you imagine 50 players on a server, making bases/houses … 5 items to make one small “house” (floor, walls, ceiling) thats 5x50 right off the bat. No one builds like that, size anyways. Ark we are looking at hundreds of walls and floors and ceilings. I had personally made 500 celings, 500 floors, i cant even begin to imagine the amount of walls, windows, doors, rails, stairs… etc that were added.

lets say, just for fun, 500 total actors. 500x50 = serious lag from loading actors. Like i said, done right, it wouldnt be an issue.

Yeah, the idea is that the actor count would be determined by the finished bases rather than the individual pieces; utilizing HISMs and array organization, all the logic for each finished, placed base would constitute persistent actor, with logic for post-placement removal of pieces being stored in another actor that would only be present at the time of destruction.

TL;DR - far fewer persistent runtime actors for this system, with plenty of interaction and cleanup framework in place, performance is a huge focus.

see, i knew if anyone was to “do it right” it would be you :wink:

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It appears that the current building system that is sold on UE4 marketplace is a huge mess and often heard of negative feedback regarding it in multiple different threads around this forum. Thus, majority is seeking for new alternative here.
If you did it right for network multiplayer, all the money is yours.