Surfaces normals in Post Process

Hi guys!
I’m fighting with a post process effect and I’m stuck right at the last step…
In order to improve performance of the game, I’m moving a complex shader to a post process material, but I need to use a triplanar projection of a texture on the world.
The problem is that I can project the texture using world position RG RB and GB, but I can’t use anymore VertexNormalWS to find where to hide the bleeding of my texture.
I suppose there is no way to access vertex normals in PProcess, so I’m asking if you know another way to complete this task.
Maybe with World Normals? A SceneTexture (world normal) node and a normalization gives me the same result of showing the world normals in the editor viewport… but they seem to be too closely related to the object and not to the world axis.
Any ideas?