Surface Properties Menu not showing up on Hollow Brushes

Hello Unreal

We are developing an exploration adventure on UE4 in which you explore a imaginary house. The house consists of multiple rooms that i have created with hollow BSP brushes. Some of these have been modified using the geometry editing mode.
Now my materials get scaled very differently on different Surfaces and i wanted to fix the Scaling and alignment with the Surface Properties Menu but it doesnt show up on my Room brushes.

It still works with normal Brushes.

Anyone else have this Problem? Can someone direct me to the source code of the menu so i can take a look at it myself?

thanks in advance

Howdy Baribal,

Thank you for your bug report. I am currently exploring the issue that you are having and just have a quick question to help with the setup. When you say that have hollow BSP brushes, I assume that there are maybe 4 or more hollow BSP boxes connecting to one another and they have a subtractive brush to create doors, correct? Also, If you have any simple reproduction steps or additional information that you could provide, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

Yes there are multiple hollow brushes connected with subtractive brushes. Every hollow brush is it’s own level loaded via level streaming volumes.

Not really an Answer but more of a workaround:

  • Add an additive brush
  • Select any surface of it.
  • with the surface selected multi select the other surfaces you intend to manipulate

this way i can access the menu and it works fine.

Hey Baribal,

So I have placed a couple of hollow BSP brushes into a blank level and altered each geometry. I have messed with the Surface Properties and have not seen the properties go away. I selected multiple walls using the geometry and by hold Ctrl and selecting them. Can you get the issue to occur consistently or is it random? Also, If my setup is incorrect, please let me know.


maybe it has to do with the level streaming or the subtractive brushes. The issue occurs on every hollow and subtractive brush in my project.

ok i just found the issue. It seems to be that i cant edit the properties of a surface that is placed in another level than my current one.

EDIT: unless i multi select starting by one or more surfaces in the current level.