Surface Cache and mirror reflection

Is there any way I can get clean reflection for mirrors in interior scenes using lumen?
or use a hybrid method … Lumen gi and raytraced reflections?
i tried but raytraced reflection colors seemed washed out!

thanks in advance

I’ve been trying to get the same but so far from what I’ve tested and heard from other people, it seems that there’s no way of getting perfectly clean mirror reflections with Lumen (see my posting here: Lumen reflections darker and nosier ). Lumen produces a lower quality version of the scene called Lumen Scene to use for reflections but so far I haven’t found a setting or command that increases the quality of that Scene.

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Thanks for your reply

I’ve found a workaround for planer reflections …

use screen space reflections in your post-process … do a planar reflection capture and align it to the surface … in the setting of the planar reflection check use raytrace if enabled.

Keep in mind that u’ll have to work with ssr for the rest of the materials … at least that what i did till now.

SSR with PlanarReflection and use raytrace if enabled.

Lumen reflection

i hope it works for you.

I tried this time using Raytraced Reflection and it worked … No idea what is the reason it didn’t
work before.