Suppress OpenGL deprecated Warning - Mac

When running on an older Mac OS, the application falls back to running OpenGL and displays a warning message explaining that it is deprecated; but allows you to continue and load it up.

When submitting to Apple, the reviewer rejected the application because of this warning. Now I have spoken to one of the Unreal Staff who said I am able to suppress the warning message.

I found the setting that can be used, however when I tested it, it didn’t work. (see below) I added the MacOpenGLDeprecated=True to the GameUserSettings.ini

Anyone know how I can do this (without removing the message popup from the engine source) ?

const static FString ConfigSection = TEXT("SuppressableDialogs");
 bool bShouldSuppressDialog = false;
 if (GConfig)
     GConfig->GetBool( *ConfigSection, TEXT("MacOpenGLDeprecated"), bShouldSuppressDialog, GGameUserSettingsIni );
 FText LocalizedMsg = FText::Format(NSLOCTEXT("MessageDialog", "MessageMacOpenGLDeprecated","Support for running Unreal Engine 4 using OpenGL on macOS is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Unreal Engine 4 may not render correctly and may run at substantially reduced performance."),Args);
if (!bShouldSuppressDialog)
                               *NSLOCTEXT("MessageDialog", "TitleMacOpenGLDeprecated", "WARNING: OpenGL on macOS Deprecated").ToString());
             UE_LOG(LogRHI, Warning, TEXT("%s: %s"), *NSLOCTEXT("MessageDialog", "TitleMacOpenGLDeprecated", "WARNING: OpenGL on macOS Deprecated").ToString(), *LocalizedMsg.ToString());


Anyone have any ideas?

When you added “MacOpenGLDeprecated=True” to GameUserSettings.ini did you ensure that it was within the “[SuppressableDialogs]” section? It should look like:



Thank you

Hi Nicky95, i’m having the same issue with unreal 4.23.
i need to cross compile a project on windows for a linux platform that run openGL but i want to suppress that warning.
Any advice about how i can remove it on windows?
Thanks a lot!