Support Stream – Blender & UE4 Part 2 - Feb. 10th 2015

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  1. If you plan to do a lot of baking you probably want to switch from the default renderer to cycles. The baking system for cycles seems to get better quality results and has more options. Most notably it has the ability to bake with a cage which is necessary for high quality results on hard surface objects. It also has the ability to set the channels and directions for tangent space normal maps. When baking in cycles just be aware that image that will be baked to is not the current image in the UV window but the image that is selected in the shader node view. There are a couple of add-ons that try to streamline the workflow for normal map baking. AFAIK anti-aliasing support is planned.

  2. If you have saved an image there is no need to bake again. you can simply load the image from disk into the desired texture slot.

  3. Blender does bake in Mikt space :slight_smile: The question I have however is what the channel setup should be. As far as I can tell blender native setup for normal maps is r is mapped to the positive x direction in tangent space and g to the positive y direction. Other applications may either have these channels swapped or have one of the channels inverted. I would like to know what Unreal 4 expects.

  4. With regards to smoothing groups for this to have effect you need to set up sharp edges in blender and use the edge-split modifier to preview what is going on. (actually I don’t entirely know what the most up to date workflow is here, it is an area that had work quite recently.

Great video - keep them coming :slight_smile:

Also as of a few days ago the Makehuman nightly builds have a rig designed for Unreal Engine 4. This could be a great starting point for setting up a character in Blender.

Answering to curvature map question - it’s an upcoming feature, check it out

That’s a cool idea for a future stream. We’re interested in what kinds of future Blender streams people would like to see.

Really enjoyed watching both the Blender streams, thank you so much for focusing on Blender training! I’m sure there’s a ton of people who will benefit from these. May I ask if there’s another Blender stream planned any time soon?

I’d like to see more on rigging/skeletal mesh pipeline from Blender to UE4, exporting Blender animations.

Morph Targets is another nice topic, especially from a particle vertex shader standpoint; while I’m able to easily get regular morphs (non-material based) to work, the material based morph node StaticMeshMorphTargets needs morph data packed by a MaxScript ‘’ unless I’m mistaken. I’m not sure how to pack this data in Blender (wish I knew enough python/maxscript to deconstruct the Max version for Blender!)

Smoothing groups setup could be another area of interest although I think I have this one working satisfactorily, perhaps others can pitch in with more ideas!


I know I’m posting long after the fact, but as a blender user I wanted voice my desire to see Kevin create more demonstrations using blender with UE4.

My specific interest is in level and set creation, specifically how to create assets with animated components (such as complex hatches, mechanical equipment, etc) and how to handle their rigging and importation into UE4.

I really enjoy the previous two steams, and must admit as someone who has struggled with blender’s rigging system that the blender rig on-top-of the imported .fxb rig was daunting to say the least. I would love to see more about that.

I admit I am quite new to the Unreal Engine as I always just did animation for my own enjoyment, but with the advent of the Oculus Rift where I can not only create environments I can enjoy visually but now actually go inside them, UE4 gives me the opportunity to create interactive environments (and from those environments I could possibly create actual games.) So, needless to say I am highly motivated to learn as much as I can!

Lastly I just wanted to say that I really appreciate Kevin’s teaching style and clarity and look forward to more.


P.S. A demonstration of level design using blender to create the assets would be very helpful as well.

Sorry guys, just bumping to make this thread alive again, i’d be curious to see more examples of what you did with it!