Support Stream – Audio Blueprint Controls - April 21st

Audiophiles rejoice! Our next stream will be starring Zak Belica, the Audio Director of Fortnite. Everyone who wants to understand how to utilize beautiful audio tracks or terrifying sound effects in Unreal Engine will not want to miss it.

Zak Belica will demonstrate how to control audio using Blueprints.

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Tuesday, April 21st @ 2:00-3:00PM EST Countdown]

Zak Belica, Audio Director (@ZakBelica](
, Community Manager (@]())

Let’s hear your questions for Zak on Audio. Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below! We’ll get to as many as we can given our time constraints!

Edit: The YouTube archive is available here](Audio & Blueprints | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

Yes audio stuff!


  1. Any plans for Music controllers with features like tracks, layers, fadeIn/Out curves, eventable triggers…ect…

  2. Whats the best way to implement basic audio mixing. For example, you have the Music Channel, Soundscapes Channel, FX Channel, Voice Channel…ect… I want to config custom ducking options like when the Voice is playing dialog and i will duck out the Music, FX channels… as example.

  3. Whats the general roadmap for Audio? I have some audio designs in mind and I’d like to be inline with the Engine future direction =)

Thanks again, I’m looking forward to the stream!

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d like to get a lot for Zak.

How is your team approaching the music mixing for Fortnite? Do you use blueprints and the built in audio engine for the music cues and soundtrack?

(I later recognized that the following question missed the point of the stream. My apologies, kind of in a VR bubble here. Will leave it though, just in case.)

Regarding 3D positional audio for VR, are there plans for supporting that directly in UE4 release builds and via blueprints, either through integration with the Oculus Audio SDK or through a more universal VR implementation, and without the need for a middleware program such as FMOD or WWISE to host plugins?

Oh, this should be informative!

Question: How would you recommend going about setting up playing BGM that’s been split into different parts, like drums/bass/leads, and keeping them in sync? Ideally for a system that handled situational BGM, introducing the various threads as the game action intensified/calmed.


Woo hoo! As a composer/sfx guy I am super excited for this stream. :slight_smile:

SFX guys here aswell! I look forward to it! Love ya guys! :slight_smile:

What I would like to know alot about is a nice fire sound system for auto fire sounds. A system that not gets affected by your fps, but still doesn’t sound repeating like single loop sound files does.

Also would like to know the secrets of implementing a great ambient sound system. Where you want buildings to automatically have their pre setup interior ambient sound and closes out the outside ambient sounds. More or less how a smart ambient sound world should be in a large scale map with different areas, like forests, building complexes, mountains, caves etc.

If he is using UE’s built in audio system, why? I’m not an audio guy myself but from what I have seen of Wwise when I was helping out our sound guy it looks superior and also is a lot less work for me in terms of code to get stuff implemented.

Describe how wwise makes things easier, cause I haven’t figured that one out yet?

When referencing some of the example projects, I noticed that a lot of the audio has duplicate audio/sound cues for mono/stereo. Is there a reason to do this since it doubles the amount of audio needed for a project?

When using the in engine compression- do you typically leave it uncompressed and only compress if memory is an issue, or is it common to compress most large audio audio clips to about 50%? I would ideally like to keep everything as high quality as possible, but not noticeably lose performance.

Also, is 44.1 kHz preferable compared to 48 kHz? I work in music, so I’m used to 44.1, but I have noticed that most film/tv is done at 48. Would be good to know before I start the big sound design push for my project, thank you!

Looking forward to the stream.


Couple of questions for you:

  • How can I setup voice prioritization. Currently only see that I can set the playback amount on the sound cues.

  • Is there visual metering system I can turn on to monitor the output mix of my project?

  • What’s the best way to structure a master sound class in terms of creating child classes, signal flow and levels?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated!

As someone who regularly works in Wwise and FMOD, it would be great to hear if and how UE4 can perform some of the key features these other tools have to offer:

  • Real time mixing and profiling (including errors and playback information)
  • Voice prioritization
  • Event probabilities
  • DSP effects (compression, EQ, etc.)
  • Output metering

How should I approach creating an accurate and reliable system for playing footstep sounds in a first person game with Blueprint?

It would be great if the LiveEditor plugin had a MIDI Clock option so that it could accept timing from external programs like Ableton or Traktor.

Will the Sound Visualizations plugin be updated so that it can be packaged?

Unfortunately, Zak has become ill and must reschedule the stream :frowning: … The new date is set for April 21st, same time. Feel Better Zak!

noooooooo! Get better Zak! :frowning: Can’t wait for this one…

Can’t wait for this stream!

All of the questions I had have already been notated here however, instead I’m just posting my support for more audio information!

Such a tease! Get well soon! =)

Bummer. Get well soon, Zak! I’m really looking forward to your stream. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t Epic (recently) hire an all audio developer guy to work on audio improvements to the Engine.

This might be a good opportunity to bring him on to this stream to answer general audio related questions, and perhaps provide details where he plans to take the Engine audio in the future?