[SUPPORT] Public Hallway Pack

Hey Guys,

I just released my second asset pack. It’s a modular kit and prop pack that I hope can work with a wide variety of projects.

Public Hallway Pack

I’m always looking for feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvement. I’ll post updates and bug fixes here.

Please post your support questions here.


It’s common practice to have a snapshot that shows all the assets lined up next to each other in rows, so a buyer can see exactly what they are getting. It’s often not easy to determine what separate and what’s connected when they are presented only in a scene. Could you do that ?

Sure thing, Macw0lf. Here’s two pics showing the assets.

If you go to the product page you’ll see a bunch more photos there.

Your asset is real nice and looks like what I’ll be using it to create most of the buildings in my game, but there are a few things you could add. One would be to add walls that go with rooms or areas that have stairs leading to another floor. Another would be to have versions L, T, and X Corners that have cuts to fit doors/windows some people might like to have doors/window to be placed at the very edge of the room. Lastly you should put door handles on the other side of those Push style doors, also maybe add the door handles animate when you open/close them.

olinkalex: I can look into creating corners for windows/doors, but the sizes may not fit into the modular design. I’ll take a look and update you here. I can create new door BPs with separate handles that would allow you to animate them.

As for stairs, I plan on creating an elevator/stairs add-on pack that I would sell for a fair price.

Thanks for the info, do hope you do the Stairs and Elevator pack very soon

I’m having an issue with this pack. Some of the static meshes lose their material upon opening them, others don’t. Some of the materials return after building, others don’t.

Windows 10
8 gigs dd2
gtx 970
i5 2500k

How do you add that background of the city showed in the pictures?

Sorry for the late response: that is just a basic plane with a flat image applied as material. Works fine for pictures. However, for in-game use, you’ll generally want a better solution.

Hi ian80

I bought your pack but to my misfortune your materials have too many textures to work in our project. The problem is we are developing a VR game in Forward Rendering and as i believe you know, you have to use less textures than in in deferral rendering.
Is there a chance to give us a less complex versions of your materials that works with forward rendering ?

Thank you for your attention.

Hello, I’m having a slight issue. Can you help me out?

+1 to above posts, this does not work in Forward Rendering which isn’t really mentioned due to going over texture sample limit. Any chance we’re going to see a solution?

Hey guys, I’ll have a poke around and see if I can come up with a quick solution. Give me a few days (I’m out of country atm, but will be back soon).

Hey Guys,

I’m back home and have had a chance to look at the material. I’ve got it working in forward rendering - and have uploaded the update to Unreal. You should be able to update the plugin at your end.

Because it is an experimental solution, I didn’t want to permanently change the base material. I’ve included a ‘MAT_TerrazzoFlooring01_forwardRender’ along with the original material (in ‘Materials/Flooring’ folder). To get it working with the base geometry, you just need to open ‘INST_TerrazzoFlooring01’ and change the parent material to the material mentioned above. (If you want the materials to work in the example map, you’ll also need to adjust ‘INST_flooringLevel01_base’ the same way). You’ll also find MAT_wall01_forwardRender along with the original wall material in the ‘Material/Structural/Wall01’ folder. Follow the same process for ‘INST_wall01’ and ‘INST_wall02’ (just update the parent material).

I only update version 4.20+ - if you need an earlier version, let me know.

sorry for late answer!
As you asked, I have screenshots of assets with artifacts. This is from updated version. Links to imgur:

and used in game in-editor:

Thanks for posting pics.

Which version of Unreal are you currently using? I’ve checked the uploaded version and all is well there.

These aren’t artifacts, but simply how the 3D app bakes ‘non-UV’ space. Basically, it looks like your UVs somehow got messed up. Any chance you exported/re-imported the mesh? It almost looks like it may be using the lightmap UVs as the texture UVs.

Thanks for answer.
I use UE version 4.23.1.

All pictures that I gave except last one are of uassets of your project. UV does not apply here.I didn’t use any meshes there, just opened uassets in Editor viewer and screenshot that. Material asset viewer (image uses Unreal’s sphere. As far I can see, this is actual artifact of images themself.

I also tried to import HallwayProps into project using older version of UE (4.22.3). Same artifacts are showing in your assets. Unfortunately, I don’t know what could cause it.
I also looked over other assets in your project - I didn’t noticed any other errors, though I didn’t looked in depth.

Considering I paid for your assets, if you do not have these artifacts in your resources, can you sent assets for this directory to me? I cannot really use this ceiling as is.
To be clear, four .uasset files in directory HallwayProps/Materials/Structural/ceilingTile show artifacts for me:
ceilingSquare_4m_x_4m_LP_BaseColor (
ceilingSquare_4m_x_4m_LP_Masks (
ceilingSquare_4m_x_4m_LP_Normal (

Rest seems to be ok.

Thanks in advance!

I just loaded a fresh copy of the pack into an existing project in Unreal 4.23 - off of the Epic server (the same file you have access to).

Here are my results:

Also, you’ll see the same stretching in the texture files on my end:

This is definitely a UV issue. I’m not sure how the UVs got repacked on your end, but they must have somehow. The stretching on the texture files should lie outside of the UV islands, and should therefore not appear on the mesh.

You can double check - your the 4x4ceiling mesh’s UV 0 should look like this:

If it isn’t exactly like that, the texture will not project correctly onto the mesh.

Should be an easy fix, use the Epic launcher to reinstall the pack into your project. Just find the pack in the ‘Vault’ in the Unreal Engine Library. Select “add to project” and then “yes” when if asks you to confirm the overwrite.

Thank you for information. After checking, it appears that I used these resources in wrong way. Assets in HallwayProps/Geometry/Structural/ceilingSquare_* are rendered correctly.

Sorry for confusion.

Perfect! Glad it’s working.