[SUPPORT] Plugin Instance Editor

  • Edit instances of the Instanced Static Mesh Component and HISM Component in Level Editor (move, rotate, scale, etc).
  • Cloning Features any actor

This plugin allows you to manipulate instances (Instanced Static Mesh Component and HISM Component) as with ordinary actors in Level Editor Viewports:

  • Allows you to: Move , Scale , Rotate, Сlone / Delete instances
  • Advanced Cloning Features: Cloning without gaps, etc
  • Add Delta Transform for any actor (Location, Rotation, Scale)
  • Join Static Mesh to Actor with ISMC or HISM Component
  • Creating an actor with instances
  • Supports Snap operations (built into Unreal Engine Editor, RMB menu -> Transform )

If you want to change instances, click “Editing Instances” (Pick Instances Mode for 4.20 - 4.22). Select instances. Move them, remove and etc as ordinary actors. To apply the changes, press the “Editing Instances” button again.
During editing, instances are turned into Static Mesh Actor, after editing, they are turned back into instances.



Cloning without gaps: option ‘Use BoundBox instead of Offset’ and option Consider Rotate of Actor (for 4.23 and above)

Version log:
Version 1.0 - 1.9:

  • Added Radial placement (for 4.23 and above)

  • Bugfix: after “Recreate instance” Ctrl + Z was not available
  • Option ‘Use BoundBox instead of Offset’ for clone actor now suppor option ‘Consider Rotate of Actor’. Now it is available for 4.23
  • Editing instances created by other utilities
  • Plugin can edit instances created dynamically in the scene
  • Added function to convert Instance back to Static Mesh
  • Creating actors with instances

It does not work at all. You can not select each instance after installing the plug-in. The pivot goes to a strange place. If you can not resolve the problem, please give me a refund.(4.21)

You created instances through the utility Megre Actor. Pivot shift occurs because utility sets pivot to 0,0,0.

UPD: I solved this problem, Now the plugin works with instances created by other utilities. You need press “Convert In Instances”

Thank you. What I need, however, is to edit actors that are instantiated with merge actors. If this is not possible, I do not need it. I have already completed the world, so I can not reverse it.

I have good news again. In the next update just select the actor created by other utility and click Convert In Inctances and the actor will be re-created and will be available for editing.
To move Pivot -> Press Alt + MiddleMouse key over Widget, in Ouliner -> RMB -> Pivot -> Set as Pivot Offset. See video below

thank you. I look forward to your updates.

Thank you for Update.

How do I use a hierarchical instance mesh?

Now I’m testing hierarchical, they will in the next update (also in the next 1 to 5 days, I sent the code soon updated files in the marketplace).
This was the first update that created the Conver In Instance button; this button only creates an actor with instances of the selected static mesh.
Editing Instances created by other utilities will be in the next update.

thank you. I look forward to your updates.

**Update 5.02.2019: **Creating actors with hierarchical instances, editing instances created by other utilities such as MergeActors (need to click Convert in instances), support any number of HIMS components

wow, It is perfect~! thank you ~

Awesome, “Use BoundBox Instead of Offset” is a priceless feature, it works on Static Meshes, this feature alone is worth the money. However, a feature to convert selected Instances back to static meshes and keeping it’s original name is really missing. Also some tools for easy selection of instances too.

I’m thinking about the update, after the release of UE 4.23. Maybe i will add these features

I want to know. Do you need a function to place an actor on a spline?

I sent files to support 4.23, after a couple of days Epic will update the plugin, and I will do some update in a week

Update 1.6:
Convert instances to Static Mesh
The name of the created actor with instances is now based on the selected mesh, instead of just “Actor”

now instances can be converted to a static mesh

Update 1.6.1:

  • After cloning, you can automatically select the original and new Actors
  • The function “recreate instances” is now a separate button

In the future version 1.7, it will be possible to choose between HIMS and ISM type of instances (now only HIMS)

Update 1.7:

  • Сan choose HISM or ISMC Сomponent to use

Instance conversion in version 4.22 causes a crash.

It is all right in 4.23, but there is problem in 4.22.

Request modification~

Below is the crash log.


Assertion failed: PSO [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\D3D12RHI\Private\Windows\WindowsD3D12PipelineState.cpp] [Line: 672]