Support for Space Navigator 3D Mouse?

Hi there crew.

Absolutely loving my journey so far delving into Unreal Engine 4.

Just a quick pitch for a capability that would really up the productivity of content creators and that is support for 3d Connexions Space Navigator 3D mice range. I simply can not imagine using my 3D program (3dsmax) without one for navigation around a 3D space. As far as I know support must come from within any potential program that wishes to use it, so since I not a coder (yet) that’s my little bit of feedback at this time.

Congrats to everybody at Epic and all the testers that helped bring this fantastic engine out to the masses.


+1 On that, or perhaps someone could design a plugin?

I would really like to see this plugin and would gladly pay for a good one.

Yes, a resounding yes here. I registered on this forum just to +1 this. I cannot live without the space navigator. Once you use one you can never go back.

And a big congrats to Epic as well, UE4 looks amazing.

I integrated the Space Navigator into UE3 a few years ago. I’ll order one and see what it would take to add support for it in UE4.

You sir, are a legend. Good luck on your journey.



Yes, I too am looking forward to this.

Please keep us updated on your progress!

Any progress on this? I’d love to see this working

Wouldn’t say no to this either.

Another +1 here. I just started using Unreal Engine, and being able to use my SpaceNavigator would make 3D navigation a lot easier and more fun.

So thanks in advance for anything you can do!

+1 to this thread. Fingers crossed.

yes, space pilot/navigator would be very nice! I use one for cad work and love it. Also, Cryengine supports it, so surely it can be done here.


I’m posting this here in case anyone was interested.


Please implement this as soon as possible, I’m holding off on subscribing to Unreal Engine 4 until space navigator support is added. Thank you!!

+1! Would love to see it supported…

Here is the source for the Unity driver if its of any use:

That one is a free version that doesn’t quite operate as expected. I think the way Autodesk products handle the space navigator is superior. Anyway, I’m sure Unreal devs would make it work right.

So there’s still nothing? No one started something on github to share?

Sorry guys, it’s been a super busy year. I will try to tackle it this Friday. Stay tuned!

I started working on this last Friday. It will require a few more days of work before I have something usable. The integration of the SDK is pretty straightforward, but we do not currently have the infrastructure in place to support such devices in Slate, in the Editor and in the Engine, which means that some surgery is needed in the code base before this can actually work. I’ll update this thread when I have some news. Thanks for your patience!