Support for produts presentations

If I want to do something like this:Unity realistic graphics : Interactive Online Bag 3d configurator - YouTube
or this:Bike 3d Configurator - YouTube
Where can I find support to? For me is (until now) that have no any type of support for it!

Thanks in advice

What do you mean there is no support for it? Unity does not have support for it either, you need to make presentation like that yourself, engine is just a tool. If you mean in a browser, UE4 supports WebGL/HTML5:

Sharing and Releasing Projects for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Thing is Unity (that one presentation use) also provides web plug-in which let you run Unity nativly in browser, so it might preform better then UE4.

I’ve searching actually for learning resources, the videos are just example of what I need. I can’t find an literature with a start point to this specific question, is all so difuse, so many disciplines that is very dificult to filter all the information found in web and books. In trully I’m lost for now :slight_smile:

So then please just post a question in a different part of the forum (like blueprints or rendering).

What you’re asking for is not a missing feature, as this is already doable in every game engine.

My advice would be to break down every part of your project (camera behavior, shaders, models, lighting, interface) and work on everything one step at a time, asking when you need help doing a specific thing.

I will move this thread to Content Creation

Mesh presentation should be pretty easy to done, start with making mouse rotate mesh or camera around mesh