We are doing something wrong?

Hi, Eogangee!
Try select 1 option → FullPostProcess.

hey thanks

i did try it
same problem

If you using Lumen, Lumen not yet support.
And please check, start level, and try change SkyLight.
I check, skylight working.

Yes, it’s solve

Do you have any plans for lumen?

Sure, but i think need waiting release UE5. There is a temporary solution that I am working on, in the future I hope to get cleaner images.

Hi Elizza

Is there a solution to the reflection?

Try in post process off Screen Space Reflection 0.

You using dx12?

yes, dx 12

Very strange, please send your test project to Mail, i check all

When I use 360 Stereo (Stereo Panoramic), I set CameraRec and when I press Play, it will not automatically start Render.
Only if I press M, he will render one JPG image
螢幕擷取畫面 2021-09-28 114122

Version 4.26.2
I created a new project and imported Camera360 and encountered the same problem
Sorry English is not very good :frowning:

HI, killmars!

If you need to use this mode, don’t forget activation Panoramic Capture.
Please look tutorial for this solution

Panoramic Capture is open
But still encounter the same problem

Please write to me and i check :slight_smile:

Strange, give me a couple of minutes, I’m checking everything. You’re right.
I found the reason. This was due to an update.
Take the next step:
1.Open Camera rec 360
2. And change this node

I will try to fix it soon. Sometimes me make one update in a large system and forget about another.

Hi I’m currently using your plugin for dome 180 mono rendering in ue5. And I wanna comp them with houdini redshift fisheye render(it has options such as vertical/horizon scale and FOV) for fx in post. The problem is that there is a little difference between the results of them. because of that Redshift fisheye render is in their camera tool, I couldn’t find how to control other things. so I looked around your blueprints in Camera_Rec_360 but I’m pretty beginner of UE5 to figure out solving the problem. Could you have any idea to solve this? like details of camera values, such as focal length, aspect ratio, etc to control the lens distortion.
anyway appreciate for your work. it is amazing.
hope you have a solution. Thank you.

Thank you for your words))
Sometimes I am asked if it is possible to distort the projection?
This can be done using available methods, but unfortunately I am not sure that this is a great solution, but I will still post this video tutorial.

At the moment, no other distortions are available.
There are certain limitations that I can’t get around using this type of rasterization rendering.

Aspect ratio → Camera Rec 360 → category default (2:1 → if true , and 1:1 → if false).
I hope I understand your question correctly.

Thanks for the tutorial!
If you don’t understand my question, it is probably because of my poor english. no worry:)

The solution would be really helpful, but actually It is a bit different than what I want to do. I want to keep the circle shape and control the distortion of inside of circle. if I can keep the circle shape and distort inside of it using the solution you gave, It will be great. there are really small gaps between renders so I can test with your solution.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks, i understood.
Sorry, it is not possible to change the fisheye projection vertically, horizontally, as well as changing the Field of view is not possible.

Perhaps in the future such functionality will be added
But if you recorded a video for me, the work of fish eye redshift, your idea, it would give me more understanding for the future.
My email

Hi @ElizzaRF ,
We are having an issue with water. When we use 360 6 cam settings all reflections works as intended but we see a pattern in the water (i think is like every cam capture) but when we use 360 1 cam settings we DONT see reflections, but patters dissapear… Any idea how we could fix any of those?

Ty in advance,