[SUPPORT] Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

first, glad you cot the collision working. Though you don’t really need to add a new sphere. All you need to make sure is that at least one of the puppet’s component that has collision geometry overlaps the correct channels and has Query collision enabled as well as generate overlap events enabled.

As for the spring arm, you also need to change the ZoomRoof and ZoomFloor variables in BP_GridCamera. For the start location of the camera (I’m assuming you’re using the HoMM camera) you should be able to simply move the PlayerStart actor in the scene

yes use standatr setings

i cheange increase the range. but the camera is hide a part of batle

greed is set to zero

Sorry, missed a bit. Do the following change:

Then set the location of the PlayerStart actor to wherever you want.

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thankyou. can you told what system or plagyn for save and load you use in game for this asset ?

good day i found an interted problem i can push with mouse if is an invizible hex


It depends a lot on your game, really. For my own projects I code the saving and loading myself without using any particular plugin. What is it you need to save or load?

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. Could you describe it in a different way?

the cursor not alow to push on grid if is covered by invisible blueprint. not a problem i cheange size of hex and work greate.

Can you told please how to turn of walking befor shoot. then range unit unit make some steps and then shoot.

Sorry, don’t completely understand this one either. You want to make it so ranged units should not be allowed to move before after they shoot?


Give this ability to one of your ranged units and set its CurrentAP and MaxAP to 2. Set bUseEndsTurn in this ability to false. See if it gives you the result you want.

i have the question i have simple comand to set camera location and actor location after i load the level what is need to add for the variablei? i save the actor location and camera location and it work for simle object.

on game not olk from the same point

no. the unit walk and then shoot.

or unit cant wolk

god day. I make the changes for range retur attak and not work

is need to ad somethin alse?

Ok, so a few different questions now. I’ll try my best to answer.

For setting the location of the GridCamera my suggestion is to remove the part of the code in BeginPlay of BP_GridCamera that sets its location. Then you can simply add a PlayerStart actor to the map and the camera will start at that location.

As for the ranged attack code I sent you, I think I sent you all you need. Did you remember to disable bUseEndsTurn, set the unit’s AP to 2 and assign the new ability to the unit?

bUseEndsTurn yes but the unit range attack 2 times no return atack

camera position and player position are saved before load other map and afte load level bac the unit and camera location are not load.
i need 2 attak and 2 shoot but is need to return attack after first atack