[SUPPORT] Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

If I understand correctly it works correctly in the first map, but not in the second? That is a bit strange. Things are otherways set up the same way? Note that the swordman unit in the HoMM map is a child actor of BP_Unit_Anim_HoMM, so it could potentially have different values on the ones you have added. Try printing the values of your bAbleToDoRangedAttack variable and the other variables in the DefaultAttackHoMM function to see if they have the values they expect. If that doesn’t give you the info you need, try using breakpoints and see where the two maps differ in execution.

this map is from old version i add for visualisation in new version not work

Ah, sorry forgot a bit. Try adding this:

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thanckyou for you time and suport

now in game exist the variable wath not alow to shot if the enemy unit is near can you tell there is?

This part of the HoMM ability sets a unit’s attack range to 1 if it starts its turn with an enemy adjacent:

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Thankyou. on old version i set AP to 20 for examle and move to 1 for travelin on level map like on HoMM3 and other HoMM but in new version it work only 1 step.can’t walk all points

i walk only 1 step and agen 1 step


This has to do with how I’ve changed the HoMM ability. You can modify it to do what you want, but I don’t think that is what makes the most sense in this case. If you are talking about your armies moving on an overworld (like you do with your horse and flag in HoMM) you don’t want to use the HoMM ability, which has lots of functionality in it for combat. On your overworld you don’t need all that, so I recommend using the BP_Ability_Move ability for that instead, which is much simpler.

thank you for support in new version the creation of new puppet from different skeleton differ? ABP_Unit

It did not change between the 4.26 and 4.27 version of ATBTT. Are you encountering any issues?

Check from zero and try to found the problem. Thankyou for you support.

After the battle is end where is the final point in blueprint? to create a widget in end of battle?

i have the issue. the box colision work only with default unit and not see other units.

and is not only in my map in default is the same. is need to ad some components?

Sorry, the vidoes are very laggy, so it is hard to see what is going on. You want to print a string when an actor overlaps a collision box? You need to make sure the collision of the meshes and collision box are correctly set up then. This is not an ATBTT specific issue and I recommend looking at Unreal Engine’s documentation or a tutorial on this.

it’s uploadet with error. in old verion wotk great triger but in new versio work only with sword man other units are ignored it is problem of unreal engine?

After the battle is end where is the final point in blueprint? to create a widget in end of battle?

Not anything wrong with the engine, no, but it is probably just that the collision of the Puppet and the collision of your collision box are not set up so that they detect each other. If you show me the collision settings of your collision box and tell me which puppet is not triggering it correctly I might be able to help. What will you be using the collision box for, by the way?

The final point where the EndGame widget is created is DisplayGameOver in BP_TurnManager

Thankyou vary much

i try all setings
i have reaction only for ue manecit and other units are ignored

this is you default project i just add triger box i want to ask support on forum ue.

Sorry for the very late answer. I’ve been very busy around the release of my newest asset.

So this is a collision issue. You need to set up the collision of the puppet correctly. There are many ways you can set this up. You could do this to the HoverCapsule component that all the HoMM puppets have. Try this setup:

not a proble thankyou for you support.i set like on image nothing

tryed with secon unit

i tryed to set like on default

and nothing i also cheange all bifs by one

i received the respons. is need to add a sphere

and make invisible

good day can you told please i increase size spring to

and the canera not shoy at the same corner

if i cheange anythig the camera start shoe