[SUPPORT] Advanced Mission And Notification System V3

Unfortunately there isn’t any functionality for that. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to figure it out and I’ll keep you updated with possible solutions so you might implement it for everyone!
By the way: did unreal contact you for the free assets of the month program or did you apply yourself? :slight_smile: Greetings !

Thank you! That would be great to share with everyone.
I did apply myself from the e-mail that got. It was quite surprising :slight_smile:

Hello, I want use my exp/health system, is possible change the system to my exp system? if is, where can i change?

Hi is this possible to add to you’re Quest Logs?

Hey! It is easy to add the whole objectives list to there but i don’t know what makes an objective ‘current one’ in multiple objectives. So it is possible but in a different way

Please search for ‘Give Rewards’ event in BP_MissionComponent. This is the place that you can put your own logic.

Hi, Congratz for your wonderful asset. I’ found the example maps in AdvancedMissionSys\Demo\UnrealEngine4\ThirdPersonBP\Maps. It will be really interesting to play and inspect them.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you, one last question, after apply the quest system i cant click on my main widget anymore, do you have any idea why it did stop working?

It shows the widget but I can not interact with it

Here is an easy solution for that. Open BP_MissionComponent. You will see ‘Ser Default Arrays’ collapsed node. Inside of that change the Add To Viewport node’s Z-index to something negative value. That should fix your problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer and i kinda solved the issue now but only kinda. I used the Create Mission UI in the Level Blueprint and now it works but it doesnt work in my player bp because i posses my player in the BP. So my question now would be, does it work to let the Create Mission UI be created in the Level BP or does it have to be the Player Bp

You can try to get your character’s reference in level blueprint and get component’s reference from that character reference. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to do but worth to try. Just an idea

I was being stupid xD I didnt know, there was a Auto Possess Player in the third person character lmao and since i make a singleplayer game this works just fine thanks for the effort to help ^^

Hey Nocte! Hope all is well, thank you for such a wonderful tool for us creators to use! A few simple questions for you:

How do I go about enabling and disabling an actors quest, as well as giving an actor multiple quest. Thank you so much in advance.

What i need to add on my monster BP to integrate on this system?

Hey! I’m glad you like it. Actor’s can be enabled after specific missions in current setup. All you have to do is adding that actor you want to enable to your mission’s ‘On Mission Finished’ part in data table. You will see ‘Actors To Enable’. All same with in character BP. And for multiple missions all you have to do is enabling the Multi Mission Actor boolean inside of your NPC then you can set the mission count to show at one time via integer variable.

There are only couple of nodes that you need to move to your Monster BP. Such as ‘Assign Monster’ on begin play, ‘Send Killed Monster Info’ when you killed your monster. And you need to send reference of that actor like i did when you apply damage to your monster. The important part is that you need to create the same Monster Info variable in yours and set it as the same with BP_MasterMonster blueprint’s construction script. These are all should be fine.

Let me know if you guys any other questions and please feel free to join to discord channel to get faster support.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, I recently integrated this kit into a project I had already been working on and have run into a few, hopefully small problems. Everything seems to work with my character except for the widgets I had already set up. For example, when I open the save game menu, my widget opens and I can move the mouse cursor, but I cannot click or use any of the buttons in my menu. If looked around the mission component a little but figured I would ask first.

Do the quests and state/data save between sessions?

Thank you for that great tool. I have a question.
I want to interract your tool with my dialogue system:

  1. Delete the text “Press E to interact”
  2. Activate your dialogue system and mission widget after choosing the right option in my dialogue, not after pressing E.
  3. In the “interaction” mission - I want to set character as interacted after a dialogue with him, not pressing E.
    Can you tell me how to do that, please?
    I am waiting for your anwser. Sorry for my fatal english :slight_smile:

Hi !
I have this error, can you help me ? Thx :slight_smile: