SuperSampling AA (SSAA) In UE 4 (Yay!)

Nice to find Super Sampling AA is in UE4 by default. Under PostProcessVolume > Misc > Screen Percentage

Screens are taken directly off 1920x1080 resolution, DX12. Scene is Lightroom by Koola from Unreal Marketplace.

Screen Percentage 300% with FXAA (basically SSAA3X with FXAA, SSAA alone perhaps not as nice)


Screen Percentage 200% with FXAA (basically SSAA2X with FXAA, SSAA alone not as “sweet” as SSAA with FXAA)


Screen Percentage 100% (SSAA0X or so, seems blurry but you get the point) with FXAA


Super sampling is great when you have enough GPU power to brute force better AA, and I’m really hoping TXAA gets better. TXAA makes a huge difference when it comes to shimmering, and is kind of a necessary evil for me when playing games. It looks awesome in motion when it isn’t causing artifacts, but it’s terrible for screen shots.

I can still see a lot of aliasing on the very hard edges, I honestly still prefer TXAA

I wonder if we are going to get another AA method anytime in the future.
Nvidia released a sample for deferred MSAA, haven’t really looked at it, I just saw it a few weeks ago:

True, but I feel that Super Sampling does more than AA, it just makes everything… better. Soon we’ll have 4K displays and VR becoming quite common, with powerful graphics card to render all that SSAA 2X ie. 8K with pure realtime GI. Mind-blowing stuff.

That’s true, I’ve gone back and am playing with SuperSamplingAA 2x WITH TXAA, nice mix of crispness and softness (also with tweaked SSR):


It really helps to make nice looking screens/matinee.

Is there a difference between changing the screen percentage and just launching the game in a higher resolution and displaying it on a 1920x1080 monitor?
This is what I do before starting to record :


Why don’t you guys use Temporal AA? I feel like it’s the best option quality-wise.

Cool. I think that method you mention does the same thing. But specifying screen percentage would be the “proper” way to do it? Since it’s done in the Post Process Volume workflow.

As for TXAA, the thing is I’m not a 3D guy. I’m coming from a PC gamer perspective. Many gamers would say TXAA alone makes everything way too soft and blurry, as technically excellent as TXAA is.

That’s why to me it looks like SSAA2X with TXAA gives a very nice blend of sharpness and softness that a wide range of people would appreciate… Which is apparently your workflow, TXAA with supersampling through the “standalone window size” method.

I tried screen percentage 400, it’s basically 8k? Kills my fps big time but looks gorgeous (gtx 980)

Standalone window 4k. Temporal AA to the max. Pretty razor sharp. 56 fps in that particular view! Low quality light baking for testing!


Beautiful. The Way It’s Meant To Be Played™ …Oh wait that’s Nvidia.

Yup that’s 4x1920 = 8K. Screen percentage 200% will be 4K for a 1920x1080 display. Screen percentage 200% with TXAA is more than enough for recording 1920x1080p.

And I can record with shadowplay…at not performance cost. Beauuuutiful!

Awesome. I had tons of shadowplay issues in the past but I’ll try it soon perhaps.

Me too, older versions of Geforce experience used to be very buggy but now it works great. Can record in-game and also your desktop! Great to make quick tutorials!