Superb FREE Getting started GUIDES for UE4

Hi, #UE4 forums!
I Mark also just got UE4 on Friday found via And finally checking out the forums I came across Stephen Ellis post on Getting Started: Blueprint References. Anyway, I mistook the Feedback request for if you find anyother tutorials or guides write in this feedback forum, from “if you feel anything is missing from our documentation”, just now when re-reading it and pasting the that title text about getting started…

…so yeah, I’ll just be sharing some very nifty websites, and this post does not mind if it is moved elsewhere or deleted…

The first is

The crash course PDF illuminates beginners in workflow, time management, like starting small and setting 1-3 month goals with 1-hour minimum studying up on UE4.
Check out the link after the break.

Another website that has free resources and getting started content is on Ray Wenderlich dot com:
Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial for Beginners: Getting Started

I am so into UE4, I’m a smoker since over a decade, and when I found UE4 I didn’t even smoke the whole day I found it! xD

Now I think of UE4 as singing that ‘Hello’ song by Lionel Richie to me when I’m away from my computer.
I was looking for a game engine and checked out over 5 or so…

[FONT=comic sans ms]UE4 loves me.