Super Weird Bug?

One morning when I opened one of my projects everything looked like something from PS1 (really don’t know how to describe this), then I opened other projects and all had the same weird look/rendering. Just like this, all my projects were just unusable. They are looking like this (It may require you to zoom in/open in another tab to see what I’m talking about):

While I was writing this I found one project that still looks normal, it’s on an older version of Unreal, here to see the contrast:

Does someone has any ideia of what this might be?

I had thought of that already, actually it happens that my resolution scale went down to 40% +/- for some reason. But thank you anyway.

It’s hard to see what you’re talking about there. The only difference I can see is the older image has anti aliasing on, and the others don’t. Try changing your anti-aliasing setting in project settings…

Resolution scale of projects on 4.24.2 all went down to <40% for some reason.