Super-frustum culling


Many months ago now, there were mentions (I remember one in Twitch livestream about Robo Recall optimisations and one in Robo Recall post mortem talk/slides) of new frustum culling optimised for VR - so called super-frustum culling, where basically instead of performing frustum culling two times, one time for each eye separately, it would be computed only once using combined frustum of both cameras. Is there any progress on this? I would be really very grateful for any update on the topic.

Very interested to hear also!

Superfrustum culling is mentioned here:

Nick says it will come in the next version or two, so my best guess is that they are working on it but it is not yet released. 4.19?

is this out yet?

Round Robin Occlusion for VR
Round Robin Occlusion is one of the dynamic occlusion query methods to improve stereo rendering performance by alternating between one eye each frame instead of both. There is an added frame of latency to occlusion data which could result in incorrect rendering in the the periphery with the trade off being that Round Robin Occlusion saves an entire frame’s worth of queries. The trade off in savings can help most with scenes that are draw call or visibility bound.

Enable Round Robine Occlusion in your .ini config file or at runtime using the following console variable: