Download $50,000,000 investment fund for UE4 projects - Is it real?

Just found out about this publishing and funding option and just want to know if anybody here knows about it and/or have any references.

Details here:

checked the site, don’t know if it’s true or it’s a scam, anyone tried to apply already?

You know that this is a “buyout” of shares from your company, right? *

The idea is them becoming shareholders of your company. Essentially investing on you to make more money.
This is good, but the pressure on you to make a successful game is going to be multiplied by the money they give you to build that game…

People who have experience building businesses can make good use of this, but if you don’t know jack about business then you may just setup yourself into a trap ^^

If you’re not a serious company, forget it lol

thank you for the advice [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER]

Where did you find that information?

I’m with him. Where you find that?

Didn’t you ever heard of “venture capital” ?

Some friendly explanation in this blog:

Also go watch the Silicon Valley tv series for “on-your-face” examples :stuck_out_tongue:

​​​​​​From what I can read in their website they doesn’t seem to work like that. That said the information in their website is lacking a lot of details though.

PD: I’m a fan of Silicon Valley already :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks a lot like traditional investment to me. Obviously they want to make a return on their money - and that will be through taking shares in your business.

Millions at their disposal and they use google docs? Something is fishy.

I agree…

The form for Epic’s dev grants is also google forms…

Hello all,
I’m trained in business, marketing, and management, so allow me to shine some light on what’s being offered.
1stly the company background:
They are a UK based publisher that has recently been

This is a UK site which is created by the government to allow you to access all data on UK firms that they must submit to the government.
Offices match.

Doing a bit of digging and this company is backed by two other companies. One of which is a Russian Game Development studio with over 200 employees called Innova Distribution they make games in Russia. The director of the company is also the Co-founder of Innova Distribution. (Russian Website link) Could any Russians confirm if they have ever heard of them?
They also own
And they published two MMOs(I think)

The other company s called Squadro LTD
Squadro LTD is a front company based in the Cayman Islands.
My guess is its owned by Mr Sambikin or a partner of his.
Basically the company is probably a tax haven as I can’t really even find a paper trail beyond the address and the Cayman islands are a known tax haven spot.

What they are offering:
They aren’t offering $50,000,000 to inexperienced devs solo working on a passion project. What they are offering is up to a $300,000 for those kind of teams. For teams with lots of experience and funding of at least $400,000 investment already they are willing to invest potentially anywhere between $1,000,000 and $50,000,000 on the project.

What they actually want to do is split that $50,000,000 investment across several diffrent projects(2-3 big projects) and probably 20-50 or so smaller projects(each with no more then $500,000 in funding). At least thats what I would do in such a situation. Diversify your assets rather then gamble it all on one project.

What they are promising is to help you develop and release your game… I have reason to suspect, given their investor, that they have the capacity to that. Again I would need to know more before I could confirm it.

They are also promising to give you full control over the development proccess. I have no reason to suspect that they won’t do that if you an experienced team because they are a new publisher and want to establish themselves. However if you yourself are unexperienced I would very much doubt it.
Most importantly they have global connections. This means they can expand your sales base to international markets. China, Russia, apparently even Iran. T
hey will also help you port your games to other platforms. (If its successful enough)

Do you want to apply to them?
First off your going to need someone who understands business to at least my own level and an accountant, and probably a lawyer.
2ndly your best bet is to target Russia or at least have someone on your team who is from Russia.
3rdly your best bet is to be based in the UK or the EU.(This will simplify any legal preceedings if they do try to screw you over and you want to take them to court)
4thly yeah. Thats a lot of money from potentially a publisher. Without knowing the specifics of the contract, and a conversation with a lawyer who has reviewed said contract, I can’t advise to take the contract (nor will I). But if you have a team and you need funding to develop your game then they are definitely an option you should at least try.
Just be aware of the whole tax haven thing and tread cautiously.

For example you might want a break clause if they fail to deliver the money at any stage of the proccess, whereby you maintain full control over the game and they lose all funding they have already given you.

Also you will be sharing your revenue with them. This isn’t free money. This is a business contract you are signing. They are a company without a brand reputation and will likely want to build one.

In particular if you think you have the next big AAA IP and are in development(at least have a working prototype), and the experience and team behind you, then I’m sure they would love to talk to you. They want flagship projects that will be hugely successful. They will be willing to give you millions to get their name on that flagship,

In Conclusions
They have the backing of a successful MMO developer. Their Big Man Boss is the co-founder of that company. And they are promising a lot of support and money towards your game. All this makes me think they want to be taken seriously as a publisher. However they are backed by a tax haven company. Tax havens are popular amongst the super rich so it does suggest that they probably have that $50,000,000 in funding.

Would I at least apply to there business if I was currently apart of a dev team who needed extra money? Yes. Its free.

I too just got an email from this company. Has anyone had any dealings with them to prove their legitimacy. We have our suspicions. I mean they named us by name and game title.

Innova develops and publishes (4game is like the publisher arm only) the russian version of Lineage2 which is a title from NCSoft (Korean game dev company of titles like Aion, Blade & Soul, etc) and was based on Unreal Engine 3. Besides that I don’t know anything else about them.

Anything @Amanda.Bott or @Kalvothe could verify for us about this?

It’s legit and is covered by media:

@VictorLerp Thanks a lot for looking into this!

It’s great to know that this is legit. We will certainly consider it in the near future.

This all seems fine except for one thing regardnig to first time devs and 300,000 USD offer.

Do they seriously expect to have “An alpha build in less than 12 months” as a condition? I mean what competetive game can a small team (especially a startup) make which is going to take less than 12 months to alpha for pc or console? A card game? or a 2d repetetive platformer with random spawned levels to artificially prolong gameplay?

It’s not realistic unless devs come in at a later stage of production and take this money to finish the game.