Super Bright Icons?

Are there any settings to decrease or get rid of the brightness/glow of the icons used in the editor. It blows out my exposure while editing levels.


Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your report. There is a known issue where icons will blow out under certain conditions. What are your steps to getting this to happen? Any additional details could help with this investigation.

Thank you,


I think I lit my level too dark because of the eye adaptation. A fixed exposure of +4 ends up looking right for my level. I bet if I had lit it with fixed exposure at 0 there would be a lot less blow out from the icons.

Best solution if possible might be making icons not affect exposure or bloom.

Alright, thank you for that information. I have entered in a request to allow users to turn off icons being affected by lights. If there is anything else that is behaving unexpectedly, please let us know.