Super Annoying Drift

I don’t know what’s causing it, but the camera in my game constantly drifts downward when playing with the Rift. After 30 seconds or so you have to stare at the ceiling to look forward. Eventually it rotates all the way around until you’re looking behind you. Obviously unplayable.

I’m working off Kris’ code for true first person, but I don’t think it’s even a problem of that since I don’t recall this happening previously…

I don’t think I’ve changed code otherwise, anyone have any ideas? Maybe it’s a problem with the character blueprint setup?

**Note: **Sometimes this doesn’t happen at all. Right after it was doing it just now, I unplugged the power and usb to the Rift. Plugged them back in and played all the way through my demo with no drift whatsoever. Possibly it’s a problem with my Rift?

did you calibrate the magnetometer with the SDK tool?

Yeah, it’s set up correctly and my profile is pretty much perfect. Have not noticed the same problem with other demos, but most of them are in Unity.

Wanted to say that I’ve been getting this too after upgrading to UE4.2

Does this still occur with the 4.2.1 preview update?

Where is that? this?

I have not seen the preview update yet, but if I can find it, I will try. Strangely enough the problem even happens in projects I compiled using 4.1.1, but only if I built them after installing the 4.2 upgrade, but doesn’t happen in older files. Also doesn’t happen in OR demos made in other engines.

Edit: I found this 4.2.1 Hotfix - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums but it doesn’t list anything about OR, is that the one I need?

Getting the same problem here, 4.1 projects are fine, 4.2 projects start rolling like crazy after a while.
Restarting unreal / unplugging the oculus is the only fix we have found so far.

I’m even getting it in 4.1 projects that I build now, only what was built before is fine. Quickest solution I’ve found is to pull out the USB of the Oculus, that resets it, and it works fine again for another couple of minutes.

Wanted to say that the upgrade seems to have fixed it so far. I re-built the project (in 4.1.1) after the 4.2.1 update and the drift didn’t manifest after about 10 - 15 minutes of playing. So far so good then, thanks a lot!

Edit: 6/21 It’s back after the last auto update.

Wanted to say that while it went away for the first 4.2.1 upgrade (the one that I think didn’t change version numbers) , it’s back again now after the latest auto-update download.

Is there a way I can roll back? Or stop auto-updates from happening?

Edit: It seems to kick in after at least five minutes of playing. Just leaving the rift on a flat surface and running a demo should do it. This time I am getting it turning very slowly, left to right, which feels very disconcerting on the rift.

HI kaitou,

Can you post this to the answerhub at for further assistance? Thank you!

Hi Adam,

Thanks, I’ll be doing that.