Sunsky Moon and Clouds

Alrighty so I was looking into making a day and night cycle for my game and I came across the new Sun positioning calculator plugin. I love this its easy to use and quick to setup all them tools all in one spot is so convenient and nice. However it doesn’t come setup with the moon or clouds like the regular skybox and I haven’t found much info on how to set that up.

So far these are the links I have gone through to help me wrap my head around this thing.
The last one helped get the clouds working though they are kinda bleh. I don't know how to increase/decrease their density, change how fast they move or anything they are essentially just an animated material on a sphere.(I like to be able to move sliders and stuffs in the editor window and see things update)

So yeah if anyone can help point me to where I could get a nice skyphere or preferably if I can use something built in. That has clouds and a moon that works with this new Sun and Sky actor and/or even add it as a component that would be so helpful.