SunSky Atmosphere discussion

Hey everyone,
I am working on setting up light presets for archviz using the SunSky actor.
There are a few things that are very confusing to me:

The DirectionalLight intensity. It’s set to 75000 lux by default. In the offical doc it says:

“When the sun is at its zenith, it should be set to 120000 lux (or cd:sr*m^2) for an angular diameter of 0.545 degrees.”

This makes no sense to me at all since the sun is not changing intensity.
The atmosphere is just blocking more or less light depending on angle and composition.

So what I would like to do is setting the sun intensity up to 133,358 lux (thats sunlight above the atmosphere)
and have the SkyAtmosphere actor taking care of the lux actually reaching the surface. Since the scene brightness
is changing depending on the sun position this seems to work?

The second problem that I am facing is that its very hard to get a nice bluehour sky.
I am working with photo refs getting very good results during the day. But late evening skies will just look extremely
magenta and desaturated (after compensating tint) not matching my photo refs at all. I hope somone can help me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: