Sunsky and BP_Sky_Sphere in UE 4.24

Novice user here.

I’ve been happily using BP_Sky_Sphere for cloud effects in previous versions, but it doesn’t have the sun position controls I’m seeing in the ver. 4.24 SunSky blueprint used in the new archviz template. Is there a way to use BP_Sky_Sphere for the clouds with the positioning controls of SunSky? When they’re placed together in a scene the clouds just get blown out by the SunSky light and so you can only see them if you jack the cloud opacity setting way up.


Same problem to have clouds with sunsky object

There is an example on how to use clouds in Engine/Maps/Templates/TimeOfDay_Default Level.

I had a look at the “TimeOfDay” template, but that seems to use a simpler, flat/2D cloud material that doesn’t look so great?