Sunsetting UDK

Starting Friday, December 16th, Epic Games will no longer be able to host UDK for download via the Unreal Engine website. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, but urge you to take a look at Unreal Engine 4 for your future development needs. Through Unreal Engine 4 you will have access to the latest engine features, build updates and source code all for free.

You can continue to use your existing copy of UDK under the current terms.

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also interested to hear.

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Thank you we’re already aware that UE4 exists, but simply it’s less work to finish them than to port them to UE4 :eek:

I’m also curious about the UDK licensing.
I bought my $99 UDK license back in 2013 and I plan to release my UDK-based game early next year

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I doubt there is a license change as they just cant do that to us.I for example have the same license model that ue4 has applied to udk.As long as they dont touch the forums and the udn gems/tutorials/udk related info im cool.Going to stock on udk versions today.

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You can continue to use your copy of UDK under the existing terms. Good luck with shipping your game :slight_smile:


thank you,cant say fairer than that.

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Ignore this post.

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Thanks :wink:
I will ask just in case.The udn page and its related content will not be removed,right?

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Hi, we have no plans to remove the legacy UE3 documentation in the foreseeable future. We simply have to discontinue hosting the UDK builds.


Can we have any problem in 2017 to publish games made with UDK?

I think you have to give us your approval before publishing.

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In my opinion i dont think there shoud be problems.I havent heard of a approval thing.When you are ready to publish you just inform them by email so that they coud be aware in therms of the monthly royalty start.Kristen from Epic told me that some time ago. (unless they tell the guys at steam to stop supporting the udk installer, which i dont beleve Epic will ever do)

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Just a heads up that no, we are not removing them, but in the near future we will be moving them to a different URL location and updating some of the outdated language on them. Don’t be alarmed! :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve discovered that the search functionality on them has recently broken, and we are looking into it.


Thank you for letting us know.This migh be a shot in the dark but i will just ask.When you go and ¨¨ updtate some of the outdated language ¨¨ loud it be possible to ask someone at Epic if he by any has a udk tessellation shader that actually works with distance control for the players camera, so that it doesnt subdivide to infinity the closer you get and make our Pc crawl down to its knees?I and many tryed to make one but no one managed to make one that is usable.(so parallax and pseudo pbr is all for us).If by some someone from epic have one,please share it for us in the gems section.No documentation needed :wink:

Gee giving a 2 days heads up notice is a bit short, folks don’t always visit the site every 2 days ( a months notice might have been better IMO ).

Anyway I guess I should have downloaded the 2015 build sooner but never factored in dl links disappearing … upshot now is I have to ask does anyone know where I can dl the 2015 build that isn’t at risk of virus infection?

My Steam EA release uses an earlier build, I planned on moving to the 2015 build only at the final release stage ( Iam releasing like this as it means I know can move backwards to a previous build if a gotcha in 2015 surfaces).

I managed to get all from 2013-02 to the 2015.Im using the 2013-07.When i have the time i will upload the one you want Yummy and will notify you.
Im not sure if the 2015 will bring anything important to the table or steam.

Just hope some of the 4 Epic devs saw my comment one post up and when the have the time,go and ask if someone on the team have a correct working tessellation shader on their hdds as we coud use it.
I’m pretty sure they coud share some of those samarithan demo gems with us before they go extinct and no one is using them :rolleyes:

Thanks, I’m using July 2012 there are some issues such as the memory leak with the earlier builds. I tested on 2014 builds which fix the memory leak but got reduced frame rates so hopefully 2015 is ok otherwise I need to weigh up frame rate verse memory leak … bah.

That was such a short notice. Feb 2014 was the last build right?

If you don’t host the download anymore, why don’t you create an official torrent, like Unity Technologies did, to free up brandwitch ?

UDK 2015-02 it will be up for 30 days.Page seem safe to me.

Microsoft Edge SmartScreen reports the download as being unsafe. Chrome does not have that problem. So I simply used the report feature to report the download as being safe from Edge.