SunLight flow through grounds at night hours.

Hello everyone.
My question is about Sun Lights.

Is there a reason why SunLight flow through ground? I am using SunPositioner plugin in 4.21 and selected time is 00:00.
Lat & Lon values aren’t important here because sun light is coming from somewhere under a simple static plane mesh.
(Set to 0,0 if you want to test it)
And light comes from many angle to car.
It’s like there’s no mesh between bottom of the car and static plane mesh.

Note: Even if I don’t use SunPositioner plugin, result is same.

Lighting quality: production

Material Blend Mode of surface is Opaque.


Thanks for any help.

I don’t know anything about this plugin, but when I was doing my night/day system, I just set intensity of directional light to zero at desired hour. Also, is material assigned to plane mesh double sided?

Yes, double sided material. I have suspects on SkySphere is reflecting light where it shouldn’t.

When I moved car 20 units up on Z axis, problem solved. But If I move PlaneMesh and Car 20 units up together, problem continues.

So, there should be at least 20 units diffrence in Z axis between Car and PlaneMesh to solve the problem but that means Car would be like hovered, lol.