Sun with lines

Hey Everyone,

Here are two photos of my sun, one clear and one with lines running through it. These lines appear when the sun starts to appear in the view. After it is fully within the screen the light is fine, however, the transition into the screen is having issues. I have built the lighting and everything thinking that would remove the issue but it didn’t. Could there be a possible setting in the post processing volume that would fix this?

What is the brightness of the sun? Do you have light shafts and bloom enabled? Is this still happening when you disable(set intensity to 0) the lens flares in the post process?

From the looks of it i think he has Light Shaft bloom enabled.

The sun is set to 7000 and the bloom is enabled in the global post processing with a dirt mask intensity of 10.

This is an issue with bloom on general, not related to light shafts and also not specific to the sun/directional light.

To fix this you would need to edit certain .usf shader files to change the way how blurring/downsampling is handled near the screen borders.

So there is a console variable to get rid of this artifact, r.FastBlurThreshold 100.
Thanks to Martin Mittring.

Thanks, I will try that.