Sun Temple-- why is it so hard to travel over the water?

In the details tab I changed SM_Waves to “no collision”

Something is still holding back the FirstPersonCharacter. I don’t see any rules in the blueprint.

The only way to move across the water is to hold “W” down and wiggle the mouse from left to right, and about once a second the position will lurch forward a bit.


When you set the collision to “use complex as simple” (in the static mesh editor) everything should work fine (from the water plane beneath the waves).
Some months ago I have seen a thread about the same problem -> currently searching for it :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I found two more pieces of water, changed them to “no collision” and still had trouble.

Next I found SM_FloorPlane_18 which is just underneath the water. When I change it to “no collision” then I fall through the world!

How can I change the SM_Floor to offer no X/Y resistance, only vertical resistance?

The water is just a plane, not a volume. Add a physics volume and tick water volume. Make sure your movement component allows you to swim, and you should be set.

I have tried many different collisions (in the mesh editor) and applied them to the SM_FloorPlane, but nothing works. I can’t locate “use complex for simple” anywhere in the mesh editor. Is it in a menu, an icon, or somewhere in the details tab?

Just search for “collision” in the search bar and then choose the collision complexity -> (3rd way). But when you just want to have a water simulation, do what Havoc suggested :slight_smile:

@Havoc-- Thanks. I will try that soon. So many things to play with!