Sun Going Behind Sky Sphere

So i successfully managed to change out my cloud textures, and add in a happy little sun, however it seems that the sun keeps going behind the sky sphere itself at certain times of day, it seems to be related to camera position. Heres a Pic of my issue

alt text


it turns out it was the mask i tried using for the ring around the sun, still havent gotten it to work as intended but no longer are there a bunch of masked out circles not rotating with the directional light

Had to turn the additional sunring texture into a skybox image the same as the sun image, easy fix

Hey, looks cool with a clouds. Can you make some more info about cloud setup? Is it 360 image? thanks

Hey dude, i recently started to make my day and night cycle and im almost finished but i think i got the same problem as you had in the past. I will drop a picture of the sky material here maybe you could take a look on it :smiley:

thanks for you’re quick answer i tried to make what i understood from it :stuck_out_tongue: so i came up with this. I think i did something wrong because i still have the problem :confused:

Here is a video of the moon doing this i think it’s the same problem.

I’m trying to not act dumb but i don’t know what you mean :smiley: :expressionless:

i got the image from a friend sorry im not sure

hey man ill do my best to explain what i think you should do. I am not a professional, i am self taught, and ive been celebrating an aniversary all day so i may not be totally sober, however what i can see is that you should do a skybox image node, using the blue channel of your light direction vector from the directional light acting as your sun, i just duplicated the origional skybox material and used that light direction vector, but you need to invert it with a one minus

if you see my third picture it shows best what i mean

use another skybox image with the same settings for your mask, your moon is moving but your mask is static from what i can see