Sun Flares

how can i make some Sun Flares like in the “BlueprintExample”-Demo?
Best Thanks in Advance!

The easiest way would be to just take a look at the bp example :wink:
There are two ways:**

-you do it with planes and a material -> I think they did it like that in the bp example
-you enable light shafts in your dominant directional light + you add more fog

Also take a look at those threads:

One small offtopic note :stuck_out_tongue: it’s lens flare, sun flare (solar flare to be more correct) is something diffrent

Ok, when he means that :), then:

Just take a look into the post process volume. There you can find a flare tab where you can change some various stuff (intensity, shape,…)

Apart from having procedural lens flares it would be really nice to have back the old lens flare editor (like in UDK or CRYENGINE). That would enable more options for lens effects, like anamorphic flares or chromatic rings.