Sun and Moon Color Chart

Just a quick question, is there something like a sun and moon color chart available for artists ? If so… It would be nice if someone could provide me a link or some informations regarding this, thanks!

Color chart as in Kelvin temperatures for lighting? You can use something like this Color temperature - Wikipedia as reference. There are a ton of Kelvin temperature charts out there all pretty similar.

A general rule of thumb for sun is 2000k(sunrise) to 5900(noon) to 6500(noon overcast), and back around to 2000k for sunset. Obviously location, exact time of day, season, altitude, etc can all impact the appearance of the color(plus our eyes automatically trying to ‘white balance.’), so use these as a base.

For the moon, it’s reflected light from the sun, so technically it’s around ~4500-5900. But again because of the atmosphere and the Purkinje affect, it appears cooler. You can start with a warm Kelvin temperature and adjust the White Balance to make it cooler, or add a cool color to the color input while still using the temperature. Night time is a little open-ended for entertainment.

Yup. It’s pretty rare for entertainment media of any sort to show accurate night time lighting because it’s going to simply look terrible on a screen most of the time.

It looks soooo good in the Far Cry 5 presentation from here: Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games, SIGGRAPH 2018

But they ditched it for “gameplay purposes”. Frankly the lighting they went with looks like absolute ****, the night lighting in FC5 and AC Origins is just plain terrible. But hey, what are you gonna do? As for film, it’s traditionally not been done because film has terrible low light image quality. High end modern cameras can just about manage it though, see The Revenant for some gorgeous natural night time lighting.

Anyway, for OP’s purposes that presentation might also give some idea of what’s they’re looking for. Sun color and intensity is often done via some precomputed formula for “physically correct” purposes. The presentation also, I think, has links to the same for moon color. I know it’s discussed at least.

cool many thanks for the link, this is exactly what i was looking for!