Summer #UE4jam Submission Thread!

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It’s developed for PC. The gameplay is simple: reach the end without being eaten by monsters (that will start chasing you once you hit an obstacle). Hitting an obstacle will slow you down, making it easier for you to get eaten. After passing level 1, level 2 is more mellow in comparison as there’s no monster - try to see who can reach the end the fastest :slight_smile:

Team name: Empr1ze
Team members: DGE_ (solo dev)
Submission name: empr1ze_silentescape
Genre: Action/racing/horror
Assets: The textures used for the walls were used with a stock photo. The textures for the obstacles were used with the ones included with StarterContent. The particle effects originate from the StarterContent, as well. All music, sound, and main menu art were custom made by me within Game Jam period. The spaceship model was made by a friend.

Controls: press Shift (repeat) to accelerate; arrow keys for movement.

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Monster Defense Shop

Team name: mCookieCravers
Members: 5
1: Eric Shy
2. Chelsea Felix-Shannon
3. Nicky Flello
4. Jesse Flello
5. Shiva Gupta

Download link:

We made a Fantasy Shop simulator inspired by job simulator. It is made for the vive, and requires room scale, best with about 2.5 X 2 meters. We felt that having large quantities of monsters around your shop as customers was a comedic way to portray blessing in disguise. It is felt (hopefully) better through the experience than this explanation.

We used meshses from the Infinity Blades Firelands asset pack as well as inifinty blades weapons asset, and infinity blades adversaries meshes (and animations) , and the VR template hands, commentary box, and their associated textures.
We also used free music from as well as 3 free pngs as sprites.

We are a team of 5 programming students so we focused mainly on the programing aspects of the game

There are three main components to our game. The Furnace, the Anvil, and the Grindwheel.
The goal of the game is to make weapons through these mini-games and satisfy the customers.

Motion Controller Triggers to interact with objects to grab them, pick them up, etc.

Team Name: Néotl Empire
Team Members: 1. Lord Iheanacho (‘yours truly’)
Distinguished Project Name: Uncle Sam’s Salvation
Name of Submission: NeotlEmpire_UncleSamsSalvation

Download Now

Royalty Assets:

  • Sound Effects from (secret powerup, SMG, and explosions)

Original Assets:

  • Everything else (including the music) was created by ‘yours truly’.

You just returned from a battlefield after merely surviving an attack from enemy air-raids. As the only survivor from your unit and no vehicle or radio support, you’ve just walked a long way through the dry and heavy desert, and still need to find your way back to your base. However the base is heavily guarded with mines and you need to carefully make your way through them without tripping on them.

In times like these, there’s only one man to trust.


WSAD - Move
Space - Jump
LMB - Fire Weapon

Team Name: Bohrium
Members: Bohrium
Project Name: The Villainous Pie-man
Download link:

Story: You play as an evil super villain, known only by the mysterious nickname “The Pie-man” and you go around throwing pies and pastries in people’s faces to make them get fat as a part of your evil secret plan. But will you succeed?

Stuff I used from before: I copied over some of the logic for the options menu and used a couple of sound clips from my previous game jam entries.

What is it: It’s a turn based tactical strategy game. So you can do most things with the mouse and the UI buttons. You have to select a position to move to and then hit the green fist button (or spacebar) to do that action. The same applies for using skills, target the enemy/ground and hit the green fist button (or spacebar) and something will happen. Once you’re all out of movement and action points or don’t want to do anything more, hit the blue clock button to end your turn. Then the active enemies get their turn and attack you or heal or run away (each different looking enemy has different stats and skills). You win by defeating all the enemies in the battle area and ending your turn. There are 5 fights total and they are certainly probably maybe not impossible. The theme connection comes out from the newspaper headlines that you get for beating each of the fights.

Counting your Blessings submission

Submission Name: CyberShamans_CountingYourBlessings
Download Link: Counting Your - Google Drive


Team Name: Cyber Shamans
Team Count: 2
Team Members: Sai Narayan (me) - Art and Programming, Chase Bethea - Sound

Game Name: Counting your Blessings
Game Genre: Puzzle
Game Description: In this game, death is the blessing in disguise! Dying is what helps you move forward, and you need to figure out how to kill your character if you want to win. There are 10 levels, which explore a few mechanics that are made possible by a dynamic material/element system as seen in Breath of the Wild! What this means is that everything in the game is assigned a Material, like Wood/Metal, and Elements like Fire, Water, Wind can interact with these Materials and produce all sorts of interesting effects!


Character Model was rigged and animated using the Mixamo Auto-Rigger and Mixamo Store animations.
The project uses some Starter Content materials and textures (Wood, Steel and Rust), the default Skybox, some Starter Content particles(Smoke and Steam), and one Starter Content sound effect(Fire). The other sound effects are sourced from creative commons. The music is made by Chase Bethea.
Everything else was made during the Jam.


Uses only mouse and keyboard.

Submission: SlothyEntertainment_SpartanX

Download Link:

Team Name:
Slothy Entertainment

List of Team Members:
Dalen Dugas
Ramon Meza
Andrew Sundeen

Pre Jam Content:
Nothing, everything seen and used in this game was created during and for the Summer Game Jam, even the character controller was built from scratch

In the distant future an elite group of soldiers referred to as Spartans exist, they are the best of the best and must go through intense physical and mental training. Only the greats make it out alive. You are one of the new recruits, in order to prove yourself as a valuable member to the squad, you must first pass the training facility test. Recruits who make it out with the best time and who manage to stay alive become permanent members. Are you good enough to become one?

Relation to Theme:
I can’t say everything as it will ruin the surprise, but what I can say is, don’t judge a book by its cover!

WASD - Move forward, left, backwards and right
Space - Jump, pressing the jump button twice will initiate a double jump
Left Shift - Sprint
C - Crouch, if held while sprinting the player will initiate a slide
ESC - Pause
In Order to Wall Run - Players must jump towards a specific wall that can be ran on (Yellow walls that are floating) and hold space as well as w as they collide with the wall. If both buttons are held and the players continues looking forward, a wall run will be initiated

Bonus Tips:

  • Wait around at the main menu for a few seconds to see a cool effect!
  • Play the game against your friends and see who can set the best time, this game was built with speedrunning in mind, so go as fast as you can and compete to be the best!
  • Pay attention to the different colors of tiles, they may give you hints on what movement must be used in order to reach the next area, or warn you of potential danger

Most importantly, make sure to have fun! Thanks for checking out our game and thanks to everyone who helps organize this amazing event! It was a great time building this game from the ground up!


  • The wall run mechanic was based off of a Youtube tutorial, not sure if that really counts as a pre jam content or not so I will include it here just to be safe
  • Make sure to play version 0.2.0
  • The lighting got messed up a little in the main menu, sorry about that!

Submission: Stab_What Doesn’t Kill

Link to Game: Dropbox - Stab_WhatDoesntKill.exe - Simplify your life
Edit: Link to Game: So, the packaged game works on my computer, but when someone tries to download it, it won’t open. After telling it to run, even though it’s an executible, it breaks and I get the Error: “CreateProcess() returned 2”. After working at it for awhile, I zipped the whole file instead of just uploading the exe. Now it opens. Hopefully this can still be accepted. Here’s the new link: Dropbox - - Simplify your life There’s two copies in there, the one from the 4th and the repackaged one with the correct name Stab_WhatDoesntKill which does seem to run.

Game Name: What Doesn’t Kill
Team Name: Stab
Team Members: 2
Names: Angela Cavanaugh, Adam Venezia
PreJam content - some of the base character logic learned from the Unreal live training tutorial, m_hurt sprite material

Game Info: Rogue-like game where what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, a blessing in desguise. Balance your health as you face spikes and jumps to become more powerful and break through previously unbreakable barriers.

Before this jam, I’d only done 2-3 Unreal specific tutorials. This is the first game I’ve programmed and it was a blast! This was also my first time animating, turns out, it’s hard lol. The menu seems a little laggy on my computer, not sure if it’ll be the same on others.

The game is hard, but I assure you it is beatable. I played and played until I beat it.

Editing post to include video of game:

Game Name: The Potato Problem

Download Link:

SPOILERS Try not to watch unless you’re really stuck.

Note: You’re not supposed to use the burger stand to block the traffic in level 3, but hey, physics! You’re supposed to use the burger stand to lure the people to the right, then drop the crane after the first car passes.


Tweaked some puzzles, added new levels, fixed burger stand to work as intended, improved gameplay (pauses, viewable pathing), added save states.

Team Name: Team Potato

List of Team members:
@theallshar]( - programmer
@DennyRocketDev]( - programmer
@home_made_jam]( - audio
@jakayaki]( - artist
@Slapunas]( - artist

Ever heard of the trolley problem? Well you’ve potatoes to save or sacrifice for the greater good. Cause mayhem, chaos, havoc and more screenshakes in order to prevent disasters.

Press R to restart the level. (You’ll need this)
Hold F1 for Controls.

Don’t panic if the end screen for the level doesn’t show up right away, it will! (Panic if it takes more than a minute though)

Devs finished the game. Multiple times. It’s definitely winnable!

All assets were created by us during the jam!

Team Name: Lo-Rez
Members: Matthew Barcas, Trang Dang, Alvin Sornsaard
Name of your submission: LoRez_BlessingInDisguise

Assets that were outsourced:




Cursed Fight

Cursed Fight

Team TwoPOneA
Roberto Azorín Ferri
Sergi Ledesma Sánchez
David Masana Lafuente

Submission Name:

Download link


We’ve developed a multiplayer game like it was played before, two players in one keyboard. It’s a round based action game in 2.5D where the goal is to kill the other player with different weapons and getting passive stats when receiving damage.

We’ve interpreted the theme as a way to look at the good side of the bad things that can happen. That’s why, in the game, if you lose hp you earn a reward based on your missing health, so the less hp you have the more rewards you can stack up with a higher impact on your gameplay. Chances of comebacks are high :wink:

Player 1:
A D: Lateral movement
W: Jump
S (while jumping): Ground pound
SPACE: Shoot

Player 2:
Left Right: Lateral movement
Up: Jump
Down (while jumping): Ground pound
0-Numpad: Shoot

Pre-Jam Content
All the game content has been created from scratch except for:

  • The Blueprint_Effect_Explosion from the starter content.
  • A C++ code to setup the local multiplayer.

Background music from:
Desembra - Hit 'Em from NCS

Link to download the game (packing finished within the time of the game jam) :!AvJIY3v7hkRqp0-_OELUJfLp_YVQ

The first upload is here :

And here is the game with several fixes and few additions that you should download ^^ : BloodMudFireMask

Team name : The Wild Games
Member Michael “NamInUz” Mavros

Name of the project : TheWildGames_BloodMudFireMask

Assets created outside of the jam :

  • Around half of the scenery assets.
  • Base characters and animations.
  • The regular weapons & vehicles models.
  • Music “Batalla por la Libertad” by Patrick de Arteaga & the sound FX by Cleveland Bledsoe Jr

Controls are viewable within the game :

Gameplay Video:

Game: 5RuneStudios_AdventuresOfRetlif (Windows 32-bit build)

Game Summary: You’ve crash landed on a strange, trashed and polluted island. The air is too hard to breath so you must traverse the unknown in your toxicity suit and hope to find a way off the island. Can you find enough resources and help in such a desolate place? Maybe while you are there, you’ll be able to lend a hand as well?

Platform: Windows (32-bit build)

Players: 1 player

Team Name: 5 Rune Studios

Team Members: Jordan Parsons (Element5541), Illya Van Gils

List of all assets created outside of game jam period: background music, airship was borrowed from internet (free for non-commercial use), and modified smoke/steam particle effects from started content. The rest was created within the time constraints of the Summer '17 game jam.

Oh and just to prove I’m within the time limits of submission, I’ve attached a countdown clock screenshot with 3 hours to spare, woot!

Download Link

Team Name: HoM E’s
Submission Name: HomEs_Bles
Team Members: Angela Li, Adam Liepins, Eric LaShelle, Richard Escontrias
Previously built assets: Ultra Dynamic Sky, Love Me Do by The Beatles
How to play: Hit the corresponding direction when the arrow keys overlap the circle.

Description: Mr. Ble Bloot is a world renowned vocal artist. But his greatest crutch is his crushing stage fright. Only with his trusty disguise can he bring his wonderful sounds to the world.

Our first Unreal game jam

Team Name: Room 144
List of Team Members: Gage Copelin, Justin Chang, John Loughran, Brian Burleson-Roth and Sean Vanzo
name of submission: Room144_BlessingInDeath
list of assets made outside game jam: Ue4 arms and animation, gun sound effect, enemy projectiles, super grid asset pack
controls: WSAD mouse, left shift to dash, ‘F’ to use grappling hook, left mouse to shoot, double space bar to double jump
link to hires image:

3DNipuna_Snail Life blessing in disguise

Categories: Best Cinematic

Team Name:** 3DNipuna

List of team members:

Submission Name: Snail Life blessing in disguise

Pre-jam Content:
Birds content from UE4 market place , Trees and grass from UE4 Evermotion pack, stones from megascans.

Note: Project file will be sent to PM @Amanda.Bott!


Some of WIP Screen Shots.


Download link: Dropbox - File Deleted

Team Name: Event Horizon
Team Members: me
name of Submission: EventHorizon_Reunion

Controls: WASD to move, F for flashlight, E to drop Flare Q to pick them back up, RMB to zoom, LMB to fire

Content that was created outside the Jam:

Some assets from starter content
Water planes from the learn tab
glass material from automotive material pack



Team Name: Dot Info
Team Members: Max Ritchey and Chris Boutin
Name of Submission: DotInfo_TheLich

Every asset in this game was created within the game jam with the exception of the music which was leftover from a personal project a year ago.

Controls: Mouse, Escape/P: Pauses

Description: Play as Flank and the Cool Summer Knight and defeat the evil Lich. How does that apply to “Blessing in disguise”? Play the game and find out!

UE4 Summer Jam Submission Agent Blessing

Agent Blessing

Project Link: Agent Blessing

Team Name: Bladekyle.

Team Members: Bladekyle.

Project Name: Bladekyle_Agent Blessing.

Pre-jam Assets: Simple characters pack [Marketplace] (This includes all characters and their textures and materials).

Description: You play an agent working for an organisation, you recently lost part of you memories and are slung into action without much knowledge of story.

Controls: WASD - Movement | Mouse - Screen movement | E - Interact | 1 - Equip weapon | F - Equip silencer |

Additional images: