Suggestions for UX features


I have a bunch of features which I think will improve comfort with working in UE4:

  • If some dialog (deletion of object from assets, for example) appeared,then by default set some active button (force to delete for example) on Enter.
  • Pressing escape key should close current tab or window.
  • If I’m drag&droping folder from assets to Collections it should create a collection with corresponding name and place every asset in. Same for draging folder to already existing collections.
  • When I’m opening UE4 from launcher it’s rolling out with launcher to task bar. I don’t think that it’s right way.
  • CTRL+W should close current tab
  • Backspace key should through you to previous asset folder
  • Delete key in collection be default should remove item from collection, not deleting it from asset.

I hope you will exam my suggestions.

Should I post another suggestions or everything isn’t metter for developers ? I Really want to work with UE in comfort.