Suggestions for radial distortion effect before I get too far in

I took Unreal Engine 4 and learned blueprints and GUI’s from the beginning. I never bothered to learn particle systems or materials. I’m paying for it now trying to add polish to my game.

I’ve done 3DMotives ‘Intro to Materials in UE4 - Vol.1’ and learned a lot about materials to where I created the radar screen I posted about to no effect before; very satisfying.

Digital Tutors - Intro to Particle Systems in UE4 is not as good of a tutorial and so I’m experimenting with particle systems trying to learn them inside out.

The effect I’m looking for is the distortion of water from a propeller spinning undewater for a naval simulator game I’ve been working on.

I’m using the community ocean plugin and looking for a way to make an effect that swirls backwards in a blurring/distorting manner which I can control through a parameter (RPM aka speed)

Any suggestion of where to start would be great, I’m having issues getting anything useable. Some sort of refracting material with a rotator that spawns through a plane mesh emitter particle system?

You can see kind’ve what im referring to here just with less bubblyness, I dont think you’d even see it in real life. I’ve tried gaussian blurs and such but it seems some sort of post process setup is going to be the only way, no material on an emitter.

Does anyone have any suggestions for post process or materials for this effect I’ve been messing around for weeks and cant get mopre than a full screen blur, rather than a swirl distortion thats not camera specific.

I think I may have figured something out I enver knew if you plugged a normal map into the refractino of a translucentmaterial it gives it refraction properties.

Now that with a rotator on the uvs and i might have something, going to make a spiral normal map and see what happens when i spin it

So by plugging a normal map into a material and then applying it to a mesh I get nearly the effect I want but its very hard as in the edges are clearly visible, i need to “soften” it so the the edges of the mesh are not visible, also if you go within the mesh you dont see the distortion, im not using a particle effect.

Any suggestions, is normal map refraction not my best bet? Some better particle system setup I should think about playing with’?