Suggestions about color

The game my studio is working on is gray scale with in certain areas harsh black and white. We want to be able to dynamically (under certain situations) make NPCs, and meshes appear in color.

Currently I am using a post process volume and light color grading to rock the gray scale. We are trying very hard to stay away from making black and white materials then color them as needed…

I just have no idea how to actually tackle this situation… Any suggestions?

One way you could do this is to make the BaseColor of the material a VectorParameter (or a TextureParamter), then create multiple material instances (one color, one black and white). If each object is just a single color you can create a DynamicMaterialInstance in a blueprint and slowly fade from color to b&w using either a ColorCurve, or just a timeline driving a Lerp to switch out the color.

Another idea that might work is to use a scalar parameter that drives a Lerp in the material with the full color input in slot one, and then the full color that is passed through a Desaturate node for the second input to the lerp. Then all you need to do is set the scalar parameter from a blueprint whenever you need the color to change.

Hope that helps!

I will try that… I haven’t dug deeply into the material editor yet I suppose it is time :smiley: