Suggestion: Please share the games from Shane Claude/Mark Rein Kismet UE4 demo video

Hi Epic,

I stumbled upon this video from from 2012 in which Shane Caudle and Mark Rein talk about UE4 and Blueprint.

In the video, Shane demos 3 quick games that he put together: a sail ship with dolphins at sea, a simple bi-plane sim, and a dual-stick controllable hoverships.

I know these prototype games might not be as polished and have a “bling” factor, but would you please consider sharing them on the Marketplace, as educational projects?

It would allow newbies, like myself, to dissect and learn how things are accomplished. Actually, I bet there must be many more jewels like those 3, sitting on the drives of many Epic devs that are just waiting to be discovered.

In my humble opinion, small projects like those 3 above, just like Zak’s “bite-size” tutorial videos, are an ideal format for newcomers to further their knowledge once they are done with basic tutorials.

Matter a fact I propose you start a weekly (or bi-weekly, monthly, whichever fits schedule) contest among Epic devs to “submit quick cool game prototypes.” Top 3 would then be included each cycle in the Marketplace, perhaps under a new “Prototypes” section.

Thank you for your consideration.

+1, I’d love to see all three of Shane’s mini games. I did email Mark Rein about this never got a reply from him. I’d love to see video tutorials that cover making this type mini game from scratch using blueprint, it will be a huge help to the community.

Even if we just get the projects it would be awesome, they don’t need to make videos out of items like this. After all, we can’t be spoon fed forever. :slight_smile:

Hey Epic,

Could I get a word about this from you please?

I don’t want to be bumping this up, but I will if I have to. :wink:

I remember that video! :slight_smile:

It would be wonderful to have those prototypes released for study, especially that boat sim level, and the plane level.

Unfortunately, i doubt we’ll ever see those released, and considering how good that water effect looks (and how many people are struggling to make good water effects), that’s a shame.

Anyone else remember that Solar System demo they once showcased? I do.

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I like dolphins and the ship! :slight_smile:

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Agreed on this, hopefully they’ll come to the marketplace soon enough. I expect however that these were made long before the current version of UE4, so will likely need porting.

I honestly hope we get Infiltrator too, and the Samaritan demo would be nice :wink: There’s some great content in there that I’ve still not seen anybody outside of Epic’s building be able to replicate. The Tessellated morph in The Samaritan for example was awesome, but I’d have no idea how to go about it.

Thanks all for your posts, perhaps we can draw enough momentum to make this happen. :slight_smile:

I’d sign up for this

I would like that :smiley:

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Posted this as a visitor message to Shane’s profile here on the forums, surprised nobody did this already :wink:

Thanks, I did not know he was registered on the forums.

Have you seen that the Mobile Temple demo features some good water materials (water and waves)?

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Hi guys, sorry you’ve had to wait so long for an ‘official’ response on this.

Long story short, we would love to release Shane’s mini games. As some of you correctly guessed, these were built two years ago so we would need to update the content significantly for Marketplace release. This doesn’t mean it won’t happen; we just don’t have a timeframe for it at the moment.

@amigo - That’s a cool idea regarding doing a prototyping contest among Epic’s devs. No reason why we couldn’t open up that sort of thing more widely to the community as well. :slight_smile:

Hi crowl,

Thanks for the response, better ever than never I say. :slight_smile:

I understand that it’s been two years and the engine has changed quite a bit…

Perhaps Shane could find some time (or be permitted to use the time) to make a few videos about how he created some of the items and effects in those mini games. I think everyone would be interested in seeing Blueprints to achieve some of those effects, etc…