Suggested Unreal Updates List

This topic will collect suggested Unreal Engine and Unreal Market related updates. If you want to contribute to it, post below - I may add suggestions to this growing list.

This list affects latest UE4 and UE5 releases as of 28 August 2022.

Unreal Engine

  1. When moving content folders inside projects - some project materials break. This may happen with projects which are saved with an older Unreal version as the one downloaded, or with projects which are submitted without fixing redirectors inside folders. The real reason is unknown but appears to affect more older market content. Fixing this and testing the moving of mesh folders and the material integrity afterwards should be added to market submission evaluations.

  2. Unreal Engine 5 does not support the same Android minimum specs compared with Unreal Engine 4, even when building a low spec application, or an app without 2D or 3D content.

  3. The Unreal Engine supported Android NDK is no longer supported by Google Play for apps released since August 2022.

  4. At least some Unreal Engine 5 Nanite meshes merged with the editor Merge Tool, show parts without material assigned after merging. This was tested with various settings including merging of materials.

Unreal Market

  1. Feature to list articles by game type - Game types include: RPG, Shooter, Fantasy, Adventure, Puzzle, 2D, 3D, Sci-Fi, Low-Poly. Thus, when working on a 3D fantasy adventure game I do not want to browse 2D, sci-fi shooter articles. This feature may be not relevant for all market content, but large parts.

  2. Option to hide specific articles - with growing market offers, the time to browse them, especially during sales growth too. For some users, some articles may be clear from the start, that they do not fit their scope, quality, or other reasons why they do not want them in their searches. Hiding these articles would reduce articles when searching, and represent a collective indicator for article value. This should be a similar list like the new ‘like’ list, in case opinions or search criteria changed.

  3. The loading animation on mobile usually plays after the page has loaded. It is a nice animation but essentially useless.

  4. After being inactive for a couple of hours users get logged out, refreshing a market page subsequently first loads the initial page but then redirects to an error page. Expected behavior is to reload and stay on the initial page.

  5. A notification indicating when owned articles are no longer available on the market. This avoids spending time searching for them.

  • ability to make tooltips for content browser folders:
    same as how you can add a description to blueprint classes in the class settings. (e.g., pretty much anything in the content browser ought to be able to have documentation style notes added to it)
    Implementation could be Right click asset or folder in content browser > set tooltip > opens a text editor bubble where you can type into > new tooltip shows up on hovering the asset.

This way, asset store products could have a standardized way to offer product documentation in an intuitive way. A folder can contain tooltip overview of the general purpose of its contents, then drilling down into individual assets, each ones tooltip can explain how they contribute to the larger goal.

This way people can understand how things work more quickly without having to dive into code/blueprints and piece together low-level details and then reverse-engineer the bigger picture.

Would also be useful for virtually any project whether it is made by a team or soloist - being able to quickly grab the big picture is always much faster than having to look at implementation details and then have to cypher backwards from that.