suggest for the vegetation (or foliage) !

i have suggestion for the vegetation (or foliage)
if we can use cloth materials on the vegetation instead of the regular material it will be really cool and it will way more realistic and will react well on the wind easy ,
the regular materials are very expensive in this cause you can see the vegetation assets on the market place how they very expensive and will drop the FPS , and it will decrease when spawn more trees

no one interest ??

My guess is apex cloth would be far too performance intensive for something like grass and foliage.

i see cry engine did something like that (the vegetation has collision) and its block every thing

Take a look at : [WIP]interactive foliage - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Thats pretty much how cryengine did it, no bones, just smart use of materials to react to objects presence

thats explains alot