Sudden shadowmap culling problem...

Not sure what I did, but it’s suddenly become apparent that now whenever a mesh becomes culled by the main camera, it also becomes culled in the shadows (which as you can imagine is a major issue for long shadows for example at dawn or dusk…)

Anyone know, other than increasing bounds (which is stupid, it used to work fine on this project and suddenly broke!) how to fix?

A picture depicting the issue…

Anyone know of a solution, restarting etc didn’t change anything!

You could try increasing the bounds scale on the tree props. This will make them hae to be a little further off-screen before they are culled.

Maybe so, but this shouldn’t happen anyway as it never has been an issue before. I’m using my laptop for development but that shouldn’t make a difference, I dunno why it’s like it is for this project but my other projects don’t have this bug.

It’s working again, thread can be closed. Something broke, and then something fixed itself, no idea why this bug occurred or what caused it but it’s gone now hopefully for good.