Sudden loss of texture quality


I’ve been working on a woodland scene using photogrammetry models and texture at around 1k-7k models and 4k textures. The scene was working fine, but once I added my new tree models with foliage planes I suddenly lost texture quality in all my assets. I’m sure it’s a setting that has changed, but I can’t seem to find a fix.

Any help would be great

Original texture

Current scene issue

I’ve gone round my textures and set them to nomipmap and it’s solved the issue with no loss of FPS. Is this a world setting?

It’s better when you just use a higher value for the texture streaming distance -> better performance :smiley:

"I found out you can adjust the distance of the texture streaming using the “Streaming Distance Multiplier” setting in the mesh window. Since I create my models in meters and have to set the build scale up to 100, I figured I need to set the Streaming Distance Multiplier to 1000 to get it look right. I hope this helps! "